omg so i had to go to the ER a few weeks back (I got punched in the face trying to break up a fight and heard my nose crack and so wanted to make sure i was ok and it was like 2 in the morning lol) and I guess they fucked up on the paperwork and billed me as uninsured (I have a PPO plan). So anyway, I had to call and deal w/ that but I’m assuming everything is sorted out and I’ll get my normal bill from my provider (whenever i’ve been to the ER before for small things its usually 40$ co-pay, when i went a few weeks ago it was for a small issue so there were no tests done,etc they just looked at me). BUT ANYWAY, point is that w/o insurance my bill would have been 666.00$!!!!! like are you SERIOUS? just have to have a doctor LOOK at me to make sure I was OK. wow, I can’t with our healthcare system tbh.