12:57 am - 11/19/2012

Justin Bieber Starts American Music Awards Off On Bratty Note

Justin Bieber took home the first award of the night at the 40th annual American Music Awards--Favorite Male Pop/Rock Artist--but instead of his usual positivity, he set a rather bratty tone for the remainder of the evening.

Instead of leading off with the usual accolades (you know: God, parents, hard-working staff, that sort of thing), Bieber chose the rubbing-in route for his thank-you speech. "This is for all the haters who thought I'd be around for 1, 2 years," he announced, adding, "I feel like I'm gonna be here for a very long time."

In all fairness, Bieber was already under scrutiny upon arrival to the show, due to the fact that his breakup with Selena Gomez had just become public only a week ago, and they've been bouncing back and forth from off to on to off again. So, it stands to reason that he might be feeling a little prickly.

At any rate, Bieber, who was left dateless after his separation, rose to the occasion by bringing his mom, Pattie Mallette, as his date to the awards show instead.

Like any modern teenager, he chose social media as his platform to invite Mom, tweeting "@pattiemallette miss u. love u. wanna be my date this weekend? :)" on Thursday. Luckily, Mallette was free on such short notice, and tweeted back, "I would be honored! Love u sooo much!!"

It was a good thing that Bieber had a supportive woman by his side, given that fellow A-lister--and Gomez's bestie--Taylor Swift was nearby in the audience. No word if the two shared any cordialities with each other; but unlikely as Swift reportedly had dinner with Gomez Saturday night--one day after Gomez and Bieber shared a disastrous dinner date on Friday.


Ok sis, maybe you can cash in all of your AMA/Teen Choice/MTV awards for a Grammy someday.
bloolikejazz 19th-Nov-2012 07:13 am (UTC)
That is the dumbest idea ever. I hope we don't do that.
We already spent a fortune on Shevchenko and then Torres, and to just get another expensive toy for Roman? NHFT. Falcao is doing well in La Liga, but EPL is a whole different thing.
Torres might never work for us, but we have a lot of up and coming strikers, and we can get very good strikers, whom already have experience in the EPL, without having to spend a fortune on Falcao.
camillesaens 19th-Nov-2012 07:17 am (UTC)
sad part about it is Torres isn't completely useless other than doing his job (scoring), he's a smarter player. too bad his time is up, he's been circling the has-been drain forever now...id say its time to go back to his youth club

and falcao is coming to the premier league, eventually imo
bloolikejazz 19th-Nov-2012 07:19 am (UTC)
Imo Torres and Mata should switch numbers. Torres is more of a 10 as of recently and Mata could make a better 9 with all the scoring he does. Torres led in assists last season, he does great work from behind, nice passes, he's quick enough to supply the ball, and he links extremely well with Oscar and Hazard.
camillesaens 19th-Nov-2012 07:38 am (UTC)
IA that he's been great as a "10" than a 9 but at this point his confidence is so shattered I honestly think he'll never recapture his form.

going back to spain would be better for him imo.
bloolikejazz 19th-Nov-2012 07:48 am (UTC)
Yeah, I can't argue with that. Which saddens me the most, cause you know some dick footballer *coughRVPcough* wouldn't even care about these things (the whole LFC fans scenario) and wouldn't let these people get to him. But Fernando seems to think about it soooo much and overanalyze and it and you can see the same attitude in front of the goal instead of just fucking kicking the ball!
At Atleti he'll be worshipped and I think he can be iconic again.
End essay, sorry for the long paragraphs, I just get emotional over Chelski.
b_billingsley 19th-Nov-2012 08:23 am (UTC)
Falcao wouldn't be a toy for Roman considering Roman is the one pressuring Di Matteo to play Torres, even though Torres isn't doing his job (even if that isn't the case, Roman has made Chelsea what it is today, so he can do whatever the fuck he wants). You must also take into account the amount of money that would be saved in wages if Chelsea got Torres off the books. Allegedly, Chelsea want to offer Falcao 5 million pounds/year; Torres is making about 7 million a year. Also, you need to take into account that winning trophies/having a high league position makes the club money; Chelsea don't have Drogba to score them important goals anymore. Who's going to be the main striker? Sturridge? No, he's too busy going for the impossible shot on goal rather than passing it to his wide open teammate. Lukaku? Maybe, although I think he would probably do well with a competent strike partner (even though two up top would mean taking out a midfielder, perhaps the DM, which, given the problems with the backline, could prove problematic).

Given the state of the Spanish economy, I think Falcao will be "reasonably" priced. Also, I'm not here for that convenient bullshit about players adjusting to the EPL, please see: Hazard, Mata, Oscar, Torres circa 2007, Demba Ba for West Ham, Aguero, Papiss Cisse, to name a few.

bloolikejazz 19th-Nov-2012 05:06 pm (UTC)
Yes, he would. Just like Shevchenko and Torres were. Buying players like these Roman is proving his buying power.
I definitely agree - but who would be able to afford to pay his wages? Atletico couldn't.
I'm not a Strurridge fan at all, and Lukaku is too young, but what I'm saying is, is that there are other options than Falcaco.
Dzeko for instance is superb this season, and he was great less season too. More physical than Falcao, experience in EPL, same age, and would cost us way less. And this is just one of many.

Given the state of Spanish economy...? Seriously? That's the main reason why they would boost up Falcao's price! Atleti are in huge debt, and Falcao is their biggest star. They're number 2 in La Liga now, hugely due to Falcao, do you really think they're going to be willing to let him go for less than Torres, when they know we spent 50 million on Torres, who, when we bought him wasn't scoring as much as Falcao. Aguero went to City for around £38 million and he wasn't nearly as prolific as Falcao is right now. Heck, we spent 40 on Hazard only. Falcao would be at least 50 if not more. And given that this is the 1st year since Roman bought CFC we made profit I'm not willing to risk that spending the money on someone who is a year or so younger than the striker we spent 50 million for and in addition to that has zero experience in the PL, which is way more physical than Primera.
"I'm not here for that convenient bullshit about players adjusting to the EPL,..."
When did I say that? I never said we should give Torres more time to adjust. He had more than enough.
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