Has Drake Bell been sexting fans via DM on the acct he uses to tweet his girlfriend?

I saw these flit across my timeline last night and thought ONTD might appreciate, it being a weekend and all. This is the only undeleted tweet from esmailyas' posting spree, but I managed to cap the others on my Twitter app (and the tweet above from @TanBitchez still exists):

So, for the Twitter-illiterate:

1. @DrakeBell follows @esmailyas' second account, @TanBitchez.
2. @DrakeBell sexts @esmailyas/@TanBitchez.
3. @esmailyas/@TanBitchez screencaps and posts the evidence.

Here are the alleged DMs:


November 10
Drake: What do you look like?
Drake: :-/

TanBitchez: Ill put one up?

Drake: Cool

TanBitchez: done lol
TanBitchez: im in the middle haha

Drake: Whoa all three are sexy as hell!
Drake: We should have a foursome party lol hahaha
Drake: Where you live?

TanBitchez: New york!! you?

Drake: Damn california
Drake: How old are you?

TanBitchez: I'm 19! You?

Drake: 26

TanBitchez: Oh truee

Drake: Is that your stomach in the pic?

TanBitchez: Yesss lmao

Drake: Damn what I would do to that!!
Drake: First would be the kisses
Drake: Follow me on @paydin_layne for the rest

TanBitchez: Who's that?

Drake: My other twitter
paydin_layne: Then I would use my tongue all over you
paydin_layne: Then I would work my way down and slide off your panties
November 15
paydin_layne: And lick you everywhere
paydin_layne: I'd spread your legs and lick ur pu*#y so good

And the stomach in question (pu*#y not pictured):

As of right now, the @paydin_layne account is still active and only contains a tweet about a Nickelodeon program Drake Bell did voice acting on (possibly a misfired tweet meant to post from @DrakeBell?) and several messages to who google tells me is Drake Bells real life girlfriend, Paydin Layne.

And yes, both Drake Bell and @paydin_layne follow @TanBitchez.

And at any rate, a quick snapbird search shows @esmailyas/@tanbitchez was talking about this when she was supposedly receiving the tweets -

And I've found several people who verify that she's not lying about Drake following-and-then-blocking her @esmailyas account (though not JUST "because he found out she was a Belieber;" supposedly she told him to eat a dick and die after he posted pictures of Justin Bieber shopped into makeup in July). As far as my internet detective-ing can take me, this story all checks out.

So what do you think, ONTD?

PS NEVER FORGET the time he accidentally tweeted the world a picture of his dick/evidence he masturbates to Nickelodeon

ETA: Drake is calling #hacked on this one lmao

Drake Bell ‏@DrakeBell
Someone hacked my twitter again!!! Changing passwords....grrrr

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