i like her but i do feel her ship has sailed. she will be 69-70 years old by 2016 election and i don't see the electorate a) nominating another democrat next time, the pendulum will go the other way or b) electing a female in her age range.

nothing personal about age itself but bill was in his 40s when first elected and so was obama. mccain was the grumpy get off my lawn geezer but let's face it = romney can color his hair all he wants but he still came off like a grumpy get off my lawn geezer. hilary is down with the younger folk but at the same time, she's still really polarising i think.

i'm sad to see her leave state role but i feel like another try will be even more exhausting and disappointing.

i'm interested to see what chelsea does in another 10 years.