thewhowhatwhats 18th-Nov-2012 03:03 am (UTC)
I went to the Pink Panther 2 with my friend and this teenage boy kept kicking the back of her chair. The theater was packed, so we couldn't move seats. She turned around and asked him to stop. He kept doing it. I went down to complain the the manager, and the manager told him to stop. He kept doing it. She went to the manager to complain, and he kicked the boy and his girlfriend out.

Before he left, he told my friend that he was going to kill her or something, which totally freaked her out. He was just a punk-ass kid that wasn't a real threat, but she was seriously afraid he was going to be waiting in the parking lot for her or was going to find out where she lives. We got a security guard to escort us to my car and left. This all happened in like 20 minutes.
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