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Robert Pattinson is really not a fan of Twilight
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Everyone creams Kristen for not being "grateful," even though she constantly defends the franchise, but it's apparently okay for a man to say whatever he wants, criticize and mock the franchise without judgment. I say this as someone who is not a fan of any of this twilight stuff.  I just can't turn a blind eye to the obvious double standard even if their personalities aren't parallel.  

Men get away with so much.  The only get called out if they do really extreme things like cheat on their wives with 18 other women, or get arrested for beating a woman up.

And also Megan Fox got blasted for the shit she talked about Transformers... Shia made critical comments about Transformers as well as other films he was on and walked away scott free.

Also see: Katherine Heigl

Anna is given a freepass about it though

She is MUCH MUCH better than this shit. And I'm not even a fan of hers.

I think that doesn't necessarily negate the fact that as a rule men are allowed to do what Rob does without repercussion.
Anna shouldn't do it either but since I've never heard about her slamming the films I guess she's just much slicker about it.

literally the only thing i've seen her say is something like "because i'm not in this film, i don't have to talk about it! yay!" during an interview. unless i totally missed any other comments.

it took me a few seconds there to figure out which Anna you were talking about. wow, I completely forgot she was even connected to this franchise.

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