Niall Horan Trying To Woo Selena Gomez After Justin Bieber Split

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Niall, you traitor! The One Direction cutie is trying to woo Selena because there is a ‘real spark’ between them. But what about his good friend Justin? Awkward!

Could this officially be the end for Jelena? In the wake of Justin Bieber and Selena’s Gomez‘s break up, Niall Horan has reportedly decided to make a move on Selena. We knew she wouldn’t stay single for long! And now, rumors have emerged that she finds Niall “sexy.” Read on to find out all of the explicit details of their flirtation.

As previously reported by, Niall has been comforting Justin after the split, but now it seems like Selena is his main concern! Niall and Justin have been good friends for a long time, so there is no doubt that Justin will feel very betrayed if Niall and Selena get together. Although, all is fair in love and war.

“Selena thinks Niall is very cool and finds his Irish accent really sexy. They’ve been chatting to each other on her private Facebook account and [they] text each other. There’s a real spark between them. They both lead busy lives but Selena would love to get together with Niall next time they’re in the same country,” a source tells The Daily Star. Wow!

To add more fuel to the fire, on Nov. 15, One Direction were guests on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where Niall told Ellen DeGeneres exactly what he looks for in a girl. ”I like someone that’s cute, someone I can have a laugh with, and I also like people that are American.” Selena certainly fits the bill!

What do YOU think? Should Niall and Selena get together?