Miley Bong
Alright this week I'm going to try not to complain about the same shit I always complain about. However little sister isn't here this weekend and I'm sad. My little brother is for once in like, a year, but he's just playing fucking video games and not socializing, wtf ever.

So here's a lighthearted, non personal complaint: I cannot stand it when people say "lol haha!" Like, seriously!? They mean the SAME FUCKING THING, why would you type them both?! I also ranted on FB recently about people who leave out just a word or two when posting a status or something. I can only imagine what an essay would look like. Jfc people it's one thing when you're typing more then 140 characters or a long rant, but DOUBLE CHECK YA SHIT. You should do that anyways to prevent making a grammar or spelling error or to prevent accidentally sounding super fucking stupid.
And I mean this for people who do it regularly, not you're occasional hurriedly typed message or whatever.