syaoran ccs
The first 100 pages was so fucking boring. The rest of it was kinda interesting, but the whole Jared/Wander thing was absolutely awful. It's been so long since I read, so I can't really remember the details, but Wanda was such a weak character, and kept trying to please Jared and he was just so awful, the whole book came across as pretty sexist.
ia about the cast, but most of the book took place inside their head. I just hope they change around the ending. I would've cared more if Wanderer died, than her being put in a 16 yr old's body cuz she looks really sweet and innocent
I really wish I could remember why I hated the books so much, I'm just rambling. I think the huge boner melanie and wanderer had for jared bothered me so much, since he seemed like a shitty guy to me