10:20 am - 11/16/2012

Kate Moss, the Documentary, Coming to a Theater Near You

Kate Moss has officially shed her famously shy persona with the news that she's working on a documentary. For years, the supermodel barely said a peep to the press and now she's decided to tell all, from former loves (Johnny Depp!) to the crippling anxiety she faced as a young model.

The Telegraph reports that Kate's offering up more now to promote her new book Kate: The Kate Moss Book. "Cameras are trailing the 38-year-old as she promotes her book around the world, and prepares to auction off prints from it next year." "She is totally on board" a source told The Telegraph at the signing of her book.

No word yet on when the documentary will be released.

ohwutevernvm 16th-Nov-2012 07:21 pm (UTC)
YEEEEES HFT! I've been waiting for this
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