This was a fast turn around from max basically saying let's fight it out what like a week ago? lol I was hoping for a really awkward dance battle ala west side story or something.

It's crazy how the wanted basically screwed themselves over in america by saying a couple stupid things to the media. Like they can still be big but i don't think they can touch one direction levels unless their next media tour is far more contained and well orchestrated. No calling established artists bitches or talks about fucking groupies and don't play up the rivalry cuz crazy directioners are like fucking rogue CIA operatives.

Let them just record an awkward gary barlow led children in need single and call this a day...or wait for a 3rd lesser boyband to come out so they can sort of both mock them from the vantage point of superiority ala BSB and Nsync over 98 degrees.

EDIT Don't type essays on ONTD while working on other shit lol