6:10 pm - 11/15/2012

Real Housewife’s Real Lawsuit: Joanna Consulting With Lawyer After Being Punched By Adrianna!!!

A violent encounter between cast mates on The Real Housewives is spilling over into a real-life legal drama, RadarOnline has learned. Joanna, who was punched by Adriana in a wild scene of the suddenly popular show, is now consulting with a top lawyer to find legal recourse against de Moura

"She's reached out to one of Florida's most powerful attorneys to better understand her legal options after being punched in the face" on the show.

"Not only did Adrianna punch her in the face, it took all of Joanna’s strength to hold on to Adrianna as she was trying to break free and grab a broom that Krupa believes she was going to hit her with," the source told Radar.

A lawsuit against de Moura is an option that is still in play, the source told Radar exclusively.

Tempers flared once again on the show this past Sunday, with de Moura denying she hit Krupa, when confronted by the beauty. "I never punched you in the face. Where are the bruises?" Adriana snapped. "Where are the bruises on your face?"

But Joanna says that's all nonsense, and she will protect herself physically and legally going forward.

Joanna Krupa Feuds With Amanda Palmer!

As an animal rights activist,Joanna refuses to wear fur. And as a professional model, she doesn't get to sport much, uh, "fur" of her own in the bikini line department.

Until now, anyway. Krupa's latest PETA ad shows the Polish blonde topless in a lacey pair of pink panties -- which are overflowing with bushy, Bigfoot-style fur at the crotch.)

Not surprisingly, the ads haven't received the best reception, and not just from horny dudes who'd prefer to see past the fake hair for a few extra inches of skin. Feminist musician and performer Amanda Palmer has fired back at Krupa on behalf of bushy women everywhere.

In an open letter on her Tumblr, Palmer writes:

dear PETA,
this ad is really upsetting.
you’re implying that pubic hair that shows/grows “outside the pantyline” (which is normal/natural for the vast majority of us gals) is “unattractive”….this is the kind of shit Gillette and Nair would pull to hock product, and the sort of cultural beauty-standard malarkey that is contributing to a generally worrying trend…12 and 13 year old girls demanding full bikini waxes and all the shit that I think we can all basically agree is absurd.
fur, bad. yes. i’m with you.
but this ad is perpetuating really unhealthy attitudes. fear and unhappiness in the body-hair department is becoming more and more prevalent in young girls (and all women), because they feel they have no alternative. most feel like they’ll be judged if they don’t toe the party line, and an organization like PETA has more cred (you’re somewhat cool, right? you’re forward-thinking people fighting for a noble cause, right?) than a corporate hair-removal/razor company.
despite the strides of progress made by the generation of women who came before us, we’re slipping backwards. the beauty standard is presenting a more and more difficult struggle for young women. ads like this are part of the problem.
PETA, if you care about animals, and their health and overall happiness index, take your human animals into account alongside the rest of them.
compassion for all.

PETA has a history of pissing off feminists dating back to its "I'd rather go naked" ads that similarly use sexy women's bodies to sell their message. It does seem that Krupa's ad goes one step further, literally mocking hairy ladies by stuffing somebody's leftover Halloween wig into her undies.

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travk 16th-Nov-2012 12:30 am (UTC)
I like Joanna, kind of. But she admitted to having to be told what happened that night because she blacked out. The camera didn't catch Adrianna punching her, so this will go no where.
isntdaveone 16th-Nov-2012 12:31 am (UTC)
they both made up stuff about what happened.

Joanna said Adrianna punched her and dragged her on the floor.

Adriana says that Joanna grabbed her from behind and pulled her hair.
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