I'm so glad you understand <3. I love Zayn too actually (he's my #2), it's two things.

1. As someone said in the last 1d post so well Zayn is so pretty (aesthetically perfect face...gorgeous), but Harry to me has an angular imperfect perfect face that I really like.

2. Harry's personality is THE BOMB; he's confident, loud, no shame in his game at all. Openly sexual, and isn't afraid to say what he thinks tbh. And I find him to be my spirit animal in that sense so I love him for it. And he loves his mother and sister, and I know he will always be that one person I stan (next to the one in my icon and Rpattz and Idris Elba) who won't say stupid shit. He's just very charismatic tbh, and Zayn is more of a quiet - but really sweet dude who I really adore too. I guess Harry's personality is louder?

/This essay - and i had no idea who they were in April. This shit is all consuming I assure you.