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How to win the CDFA/Vogue Fashion Fund: Be wealthy and well-connected.

Every year CFDA/Vogue holds its fancy, celeb-filled soiree to announce the winner of its award for designers. The winner gets $300,000 plus mentoring from fashion industry professionals. The two runners-up get $100,000 each plus mentoring.

Behold this year’s winners who were all clearly hard up for cash and connections

Greg Chait won for his lush knitwear-based collection The Elder Statesman which sells expensive-ass blankets starting at $2,000 bucks. Greg is the former CEO of Tsubi jeans- a company that made over $20 million in 2007. He also dated Ashley Olsen.

Runners Up
Jennifer Meyer Maguire: She’s a jewelry designer who’s married to actor Tobey Maguire. Her dad is Universal Studios president Ron Meyer. Her celeb clients and friends include Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, and Reese Witherspoon . So as you can see she desperately needs both financing and connections. It’s not like she can roll over in bed and ask Tobey-poo to break her off from their joint account or ask her loaded Daddy for funds. It’s better that she accept money that could go to talented designers who actually need it.

Tabitha Simmons:Former Model and shoe designer and who happens to be married to one of the top fashion photographers in the World— Craig McDean . Craig shoots for lowly-regarded magazines like Vogue & W and has done campaigns for little known brands like Gucci, Oscar de la Renta, Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein…etc. It’s doubtful that his income and connections with stylists, designers, and editors along with her own connections from modeling would have been of any use to Simmons though. While you mull that over you can check out pics of their Chelsea apartment that was featured in Vogue—and you know Vogue only features the homes of really poor people.

Seriously, how you gonna have a fund that gives money and mentorship to people who are already wealthy and well-connected?

ONTDers who have design aspirations—you needn’t worry. All you have to do is be born rich or marry someone rich then walk by Anna Wintour’s office and you’re all set.

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georgeslymaniv 15th-Nov-2012 01:31 am (UTC)
not true in STEM jobs where you actually have to have skill and education on top of ~*creativity*~ and ~*artistry*~
ronnie_luvs_u 15th-Nov-2012 01:34 am (UTC)
by STEM you mean "science, technology, engineering and math"?
because nope. PIs hire people they know. I can't tell you how many of my classmates got their big lab or hospital jobs because their parent is a prof or a major doc at the hospital. no one is checking for your As if you're well connected.
georgeslymaniv 15th-Nov-2012 01:43 am (UTC)
Yeah, I meant that.

True, it's always nicer to be connected. BUT You can succeed nicely in the field without having any connections. I'm an immgrant, my family immigrated here and all got STEM jobs even though none of us were any good at math or science in our native country. My mom waitressed and nannyed through her Masters in Biology and is now a Bio-technician. My friend who immigrated from the same country became an actuary. I'm not even good at math and I'm a physicist. We didn't have any connections, barely had any money coming to this country, couldn't get citizenship for 10 years, and still came out on top due to hard work and sacrifice. STEM jobs are the way to go, especially for women. I feel like girls especially don't want to pursue it, but more should definitely look into it.
ronnie_luvs_u 15th-Nov-2012 01:48 am (UTC)
That's really good to hear about your family.

However, I have been looking for a research assistant job for the past couple of months, and have gotten exactly 1 interview, despite having an amazing GPA and several years' research experience. And at that interview, I was told that they were looking for a Master's student. For a part-time position with $10-15/hour pay. A Master's degree to do exactly what I had been doing at my old position, but part time and for less money. It's not all roses in STEM jobs, at least not in my country.

lol, sorry for coming across so rude. I'm just bitter at the world right now for the reasons mentioned above.

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scotchsour 15th-Nov-2012 04:53 pm (UTC)
I feel like girls especially don't want to pursue it, but more should definitely look into it.

If you lived here a long time as you said then you should know there is a lot of "gender shit" piled into that statement.
finchandreese 15th-Nov-2012 06:45 am (UTC)
no lies detected.
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