Bob Barker placed to painting in his home. He always loved dogs, strange as it may seem to them, but his spay and neuter campaign was for their own good.

The strange old woman who sold him the painting had stared at him, with a look of triumph and smugness. He had paid for the painting and left her cackling behind him.

During the night he heard it.

The barking.

Big dogs, small dogs, dogs of every size and breed barking in a cacophony that could wake the dead.

He bolted up out of bed and ran to the room where it came from,and was stunned.

The painting had encompassed the wall, a nightmarish mural of such size and scope it took over every object it touched, wall mounted TV, lamps, everything was a part of it's horrific imagery.

Dogs stared at him, grins, horribly mocking grins not meant for dogs, like those of demons, glinting with bile and smoke.

He screamed once. The it was done.

The woman stared at the new painting in her shop. She smiled at his face, forever mocked by the dogs who had neutered, face cracked by a forced grin. Madness had taken him long ago.

Now to ebay.