The show is somewhat exciting.

But the film? OH MY FUCKING GOD THE FILM. I'm still and will forever be pressed about sitting through that deceitful GARBAGE. The original "Catfish" film was clearly marketed as a suspense/horror/psychological thriller. All of the quotes in the trailer "This film would make Hitchcock proud...." "You will not be able to catch your breath in the last twenty minutes" "Absolutely terrifying" "Insanely suspenseful" etc. etc. etc. I was so excited when it came to my local theater. A lot of people walked out when they realized we, as an audience, had been LIED TO by Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman and the rest of the people involved in the promotion/marketing. We were DUPED by them, they took my $11, along with other moviegoers money based off of a trailer that makes the film look COMPLETELY different than what it was. Fuck those guys, fuck this film. I'm still mad haha. UGHHHH