happy snake
my favorite character was dawn just because she was from california like me. and larisa oleynik played her in the movie!

In 2010, Scholastic published a prequel to the series and reissued slightly updated versions of its first few volumes; some references to old-fashioned technology were changed (for example: a “cassette player” became “headphones”).

NHFT. They did that with Sweet Valley too and it just felt wrong, man.

At least they're not doing it this time around. And yeah, a lot of the people buying this shit will probably be adults like me who harp on incessantly about being 90s children and omgwhatanawesomeerathe90swere, and nothing would annoy us more than to see all that 80s and 90s kitsch taken out, lmao. (We are a cult and a hivemind, lbr.) Like Claudia's horrible sense of style.