Delusional Louis Walsh thinks One Direction find Union J as any kind of competition


Louis Walsh may appear to be a harmless little imp who makes an odd comment every now and then, but really he’s a right ol’ shiz stirrer who’s already trying to build up some rivalry between Union J and One Direction.

We’re onto you Walshy.
Speaking on The Xtra Factor last weekend the mentor of the one remaining X Factor group (RIP District3 and MK1), said that he reckons that 1D will already be sizing up the competition in Union J.
“I think every boyband watches every other boyband coming up.”
“I mean they came from this show and One Direction have had an amazing career, so they are probably watching the new kids Union J.”

Oh god we can see it now; Zayn Malik and Josh Cuthbert having a pout-off, while Louis Tomlinson and Jaymi Hensley try and out-sass each other, and Harry Styles and George Shelley get lost in one another’s hair. It could get messy.
Do you think that 1D are worried about the Union J boys; or do they laugh in the face of competition?