[Spoilers] End of the world is coming, Steve Carell and Keira are neighbors who have never spoken to each other before and are total opposites. They meet, riot breaks out, they leave the city. They go on a road trip together (she wants to visit her family in England before the world ends, he knows someone with a plane, and he wants to visit his old girlfriend "the one that got away"). Starts off as a dark comedy, turns into a romantic drama. They both realize they're in love with each other. He puts her on a plane while she's asleep so she can be with her family. He heads back home alone with 16 hours left until the world ends. She comes back, they lay on the bed and talk to each other. Then the world ends. :(

It's a really great movie, honestly one of my favorites of all time. It's really beautiful, will have you thinking about a lot of things after you watch it.