'A Young Doctor's Notebook' Trailer featuring Our Favorite Petite Prince, Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter and Don Draper are quite a pair in "A Young Doctor's Notebook," a new black comedy produced by Sky Arts. The first trailer for the British miniseries has arrived online, showcasing stars Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm in a variety of compromising positions. Like the bathtub. "Pass me the loofah," Radcliffe requests of Hamm.

"[I'm] the envy of every woman ever," Radcliffe said in an interview with The Sun about the tub scene.

Based on Mikhail Bulgakov short story collection "A Country Doctor's Notebook," the miniseries focuses on a young doctor in pre-revolutionary Russia (Radcliffe) and his older and wiser self (Hamm), who is living in the years after World War II.

Watch the trailer above; "A Young Doctor's Notebook" is set to air in December in the United Kingdom.