10:26 pm - 11/11/2012

Courtney Stodden's Advice for Ariel Winter: "They should get married!"

Courtney Stodden knows something about being involved with an older man. The bodacious 18-year-old blonde was just 16 when she married Doug Hutchison 18 months ago. The actor was 51 at the time.

So of course that qualifies her to give advice to Ariel Winter!

As RadarOnline.com has been reporting, the Modern Family star is involved in a nasty family battle, with her mother claiming it has to do with her 14-year-old daughter's romance with her 18-year-old boyfriend.

Out in Hollywood Saturday night, Courtney was asked to share her wisdom about older men with Ariel.

Stodden was obviously confused at first, not seeming to have any idea who Ariel is. Fortunately, husband Doug, was there to fill her in, helping Courtney come up with a good answer.

"I think it's awesome! As long as they're in love, it's okay," Courtney said with great enthusiasm."They should get married!"

That's probably not what Ariel's mother -- who has been accused of abusing Winter -- wants to hear.

The young actress' mother lost custody of her last week, and her sister has been given temporary guardianship of Ariel and her finances.

As Radar first reported, Ariel wants to be legally emancipated from her mother and estranged father.

escapetheroom 12th-Nov-2012 05:15 am (UTC)
That really creeps me out. Idk how people do it.
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