Misfits 4x03 review + 4x04 synopsis

This week was the strongest episode of the series so far, possibly due to the presence of three Rudys.

Joe Gilgun gave three sterling performances as Rudy 1 (the puerile one), Rudy 2 (the sensible one) and Rudy 3 (the evil one). He has already shown his versatility through sensitive Rudy and the crude version, but in this episode he took it to a new level with Rudy 3. The latest version of the character was a pure psychopath, whose actions are completely unpredictable which made him all the more sinister.

Forget about the evil twin, this week it was about the evil triplet. The moment where evil Rudy jumped into the body of crude Rudy was a brilliant bit of acting by Gilgun, particularly as he shifted from one character to the other. It was well done and it throws up the potential of more multiple versions of the character which could be based on the different facets of his personality.

The only real criticism about Gilgun’s turn was the lack of distinction between Rudy 1 and Rudy 2. Although they are vastly different, at times their personalities seemed to blur and there was some confusion as to which one was which. Perhaps the difference needs to be re-affirmed. Other than that it was great to see three Rudys, it almost seems as if Rudy could have his own show with multiple version of himself getting into sticky situations each week.

What was interesting about the appearance of the third Rudy was that he served as more of a plot device to explore Jess’s backstory. Up until now, she has come across as sarcastic and somewhat standoffish but finally we learn that she has suffered from an eating disorder, heartbreak and has even attempted suicide.

Despite her prickly exterior she is so vulnerable. Even if she does try to hide it, that fragility is quite obvious. If there were any similarities to Alisha they have now gone. Karla Crome plays Jess well enough and she is slowly starting to feel like a more rounded character.

Jess and Rudy’s heart-to-heart was a wonderful mix of comedy and drama, with snatches of the Macarena punctuating the serious conversation. It was a reminder of the genius of Misfits and the way in which it plays with the tone, taking it from one extreme to the other and back again seamlessly. The tension was broken but as soon as the music cut out, there was a sudden return to the drama.

Meanwhile in Finn’s world, he was hit on by his step-mother who is not his step-mother and finding out that his father is not actually his biological father. The whole sub plot was just not funny in the slightest, not even in a cringe comedy way. Finn is still taking time to become likeable, at times the naivety is sweet but most of the time it is annoying and just grates. As a viewer, there is the urge to smack some sense into him and tell him to grow up.

Curtis and Lola the ‘trainee probation worker’ (is she really) unsurprisingly embarked on a relationship which will be explored in detail next week. However, one thing worth pointing out is the great one-liners Curtis was coming out with this week. The role of Curtis is to be the sensible one, which some may read as ‘boring’, but he is necessary to counterbalance the silliness of Rudy. When Curtis does share a witticism it is actually quite funny.

As a whole this was a dramatic and funny episode due to Gilgun and Crome, and was reminder of how good the show can be. The use of Chris de Burgh’s Lady in Red which was played in the warped murder on the dance floor scene deserves a mention because it was so well done and was a delicious piece of Misfits tragicomedy. There are only two questions this episode may leave viewers asking. Firstly, does Curtis have a power? Secondly, why would anyone want to get married in the community centre?

Next time on Misfits… Lola’s story is the focus and some shady characters are threatening to kill her. There’s a high probability that the shovels will be out again.

Episode 4x04 synopsis

When Curtis's new girlfriend Lola disappears, Curtis discovers that she was never the person she claimed to be. As he investigates further, he is forced to use his power to bring someone back from the dead, with disastrous results. Meanwhile, Rudy and Finn have a disagreement about their shared living arrangements at the community centre, and Jess finally gets closer to mysterious barman Alex.

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You can also stream the new Season 4 episodes on Hulu, I have no idea how long they will be up but the Season 4 eps are working with a regular Hulu account for now.