Katie Price reveals agony after fifth boob job

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Katie, 34, was rushed to A&E departments THREE times after a post-op wound became infected. She was even referred to a cancer surgeon specialising in breast removals who did a scan on her condition.

Sun columnist Katie said her nightmare began after she flew to Belgium for the boob job — which she had been warned would be “a tricky procedure”. She had been at a party until late the night before, endured four hours of surgery and then came back with little rest.

Later she realised her bandages were wet from a weeping infection and there was a huge hole under her left breast.

The model and businesswoman, who lives in a farmhouse in West Sussex, said: “I was feeling so ill and feverish that my family called an ambulance and I was rushed to A&E. They cleaned the wound and said they hoped it would heal with antibiotics. It didn’t and a surgeon told me that if the infection had spread, he would have to take my implants out.”

Luckily the infection went down and Katie — who split last month from Argentine fiancé Leandro Penna — showed off her curves at the London premiere of new Bond film Skyfall.

She added: “I paid the price for the op but these boobs are the best I’ve ever had and I’m pleased. I did them for myself — no one else.”