Paris' Last Night To Be Released...

...Just not by Paris. The song will instead appear on Pitbull's upcoming album, featuring Pitbull's "rapping" and Paris' vocals being covered by Havana Brown. Last Night was set to be Paris' lead single, but due to personal conflict between Paris and Afrojack, her completed house-pop album, and the Afrojack produced songs, are not likely to ever be released.

Though it's a childish, and incredibly bitter move for Afrojack to do this to a song Paris really loved, this isn't the first time Afrojack has been cruel to an ex-girlfriend. Amanda Bulk was pregnant with Afrojack's child when he apparently kicked her out, leaving her homeless,

"He has an autistic nature. Socially limited and very bad at communicating. He cheated on me, threw me out and never spoke a word to me since. If he bumps into a problem he backs off and sulks in a corner. In the three years that we were together I learned to accept this. I learned to live with his childish behaviour of avoiding any conflict or confrontation. I said he’s unfaithful, next thing I know I’m on the streets having to beg people to sleep in their house and my things are stored somewhere and I’m left with nothing."