St. Kreuk
I think one of the reasons Nikita struggles so much is that they're still people who think its not a good show because its network and its a remake of sorts and they just havent choose to watch it. Its been like that since its first season. I can't blame the promos though, because sporadic as people think they are, they still get slots on the other nights and a bit of billboard advertising.
What's even more strange is, although it is exported internationally..I dont know if people check for it overseas. I have both seasons on DVD and never seen them chart in the UK despite the fact its on a lot on Sky Living I havent seen a lot of people talk about (usually its sci-fi shows and teen soaps than are the import talk here).
Same thing with the Middle East, its on a lot on MBC action which is one of the more larger accessible channels and is promoted but I dont know if people talk about there.

Its sort of being ignored by assumption sadly.