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Young and the Restless Scoop: Will Paul and Christine Reunite?!

Longtime fans of CBS' The Young and the Restless remember when Lauralee Bell's character Christine Blair — aka Cricket — was the abstinence-promoting saint of Genoa City. But since she left home to become a hotshot Beltway lawyer, Cricket has been scandalously nutty in her occasional returns to town, drunkenly making out with Nick and hitting the sack with her ex-husband Danny.

Now this! On Nov. 16, Cricket shares a kiss with her other ex-hubby Paul, who is currently in love with her best friend Nina.

TV Guide: This thing with Paul is wild! Is Saint Cricket on crack?
Bell: I don't know what craziness is going on with my character but I love it! To be fair, Paul initiates the kiss but she totally goes along with it. [Laughs] Now that he's not going to be behind bars, it's safe for her to make a move!

TV Guide: What triggers this?
Bell: Christine has basically thrown Paul a lifeline by finding the evidence that saves him from going to jail. She's freed him from this horrific chapter in his life and that's what provokes the kiss. This isn't some meaningless thing, though. Paul says, "I'm falling back in love with you." And Christine says, "I'm falling back in love with you, too. I want to give this a shot." Danny was the love of Cricket's young life. But Paul is her adult love. It's a serious, emotional reconnection. It could be a second chance for both of them.

TV Guide: Funny how Christine won't let go of her Phyllis issues but she had no problem forgiving Michael Baldwin, who once terrorized her as a psycho-stalker.
Bell: I know, right? But I'm sure she's laughing now that he's the D.A. She has the power to call Washington, D.C., and get him removed with one phone call.

TV Guide: Is Chris prepared to give up her career in D.C.?
Bell: Well, that's the other part of this story. Both Paul and Christine seem to be having a real midlife crisis. They talk a lot about how there's more in life than busting their butts for the law. Paul's father was a cop and he was expected to grow up and do the same. And Chris has always felt like she needed to defend the world because of all the trauma she's experienced. She's never been truly happy, never done what she's really wanted to do. Life is going by so fast and, suddenly, they're waking up to that. My character says she's so tired of buying clothes for the courtroom and just wants to do something fun — which is so un-Christine — and Paul says, "I'm right there with you. I don't know that I want to be a P.I. anymore." Cut to them at some nude retreat sipping cocktails.

DAYS: Gabi is pregnant by Will!

Kassie DePaiva Shoots Next GENERAL HOSPITAL Appearance!

Longtime ONE LIFE TO LIVE star Kassie DePaiva taped another appearance on GENERAL HOSPITAL earlier this week and blogged about her experience. Below is an excerpt.

My time at General Hospital was postponed for a week… Which gave me more time to learn my lines… But I was eagerly awaiting a flight to Los Angeles. I finally flew out on Sunday and I worked all day on Monday. I must say I was deeply moved by the show of appreciation from my fans this time around at General Hospital.

Most of the time was spent with Robin Christopher (Skye), Florencia Lozano (Tea), Laura Wright (Carly).... Three incredibly talented powerful women that I have so enjoyed sharing the stage with And most importantly my life with.

Stefano DiMera's Many DAYS OF OUR LIVES Deaths!

Stefano DiMera (played by Joseph Mascolo) has "died" many times on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Can you name them all? Check out the infographic from NBC below that details them all:


GENERAL HOSPITAL star Nancy Lee Grahn appeared on THE CHEW on Thursday to give a backstage look at the soap. Watch it below:

The Days of our Lives cast were on the Jeff Probst show!

In this clip, the popularity of Team EJ vs Team Rafe are discussed on "The Jeff Probst Show" with members of the audience representing each side. Some better than others.

It's a 'Days of our Lives' trivia showdown! Jeff pitted five 'Days' superfans against 'Days' cast members Kristian Alfonso, Drake Hogestyn, Galen Gering, James Scott and Bryan Datillo to see who knows the most about the beloved, long-running daytime drama . There's only one way to find out who wins!

Sharon is a huge 'Days of our Lives' superfan that's watched for over twenty years. She cites Deidre Hall as her favorite actress on the show. So imagine her surprise when we pulled a switcheroo on her: Sharon thought she was going to be interviewed about her love of 'Days,' but she really got a tour of the 'Days'set... led by none other than Deidre Hall!

At the end of the show, Jeff invited the audience to head into the Party Room for a champagne toast with the cast of 'Days of our Lives!' Check out this web exclusive footage to be a part of the action!

Valentin Chmerkovskiy To Appear In GENERAL HOSPITAL!

Kelly Monaco's DANCING WITH THE STARS: ALL-STARS partner, Valentin Chmerkovskiy, tweeted on Wednesday he would be appearing in GENERAL HOSPITAL:

On my way to @GeneralHospital and its not cause @kellymonaco1 is working... #DaytimeEmmy here I come lol #thrilled #honored

Monaco also tweeted about the cameo:

So proud of ‪@iamValC [Chmerkovskiy's Twitter handle]‬ Had his 1st day of shooting on the set of ‪@GeneralHospital‬... from ‪#DWTS‬ to ‪#GH‬ :)

GH co-Star Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted a tease of her own:

guess who i'm working with on gh today? hint; he's tall dark and Russian.

As it turns out ‪@iamValC‬ is a better actor than I am.‪ #slightlyannoyed‬.

ABC confirms Chmerkovskiy will play a boxer and he is in scenes with Grahn (Alexis), Maurice Benard (Sonny) and Sean Blakemore (Shawn).

It's a bit of a role reversal for Chmerkovskiy and Monaco, Aas she is on hand today to serve as his acting coach. She is not in the scenes.

His episode is slated to air on December 10.

Soap Alum Shanelle Workman Given Temporary Guardianship Of Younger Sister Ariel Winter From MODERN FAMILY!

Ariel Winter, the 14-year-old actress who plays middle sibling Alex Dunphy in MODERN FAMILY, has been removed from her home by a judge in the wake of serious allegations of physical and emotional abuse by her mother, court sources tell TMZ.

Court sources tell us ... on October 3rd, after a guardianship hearing, a judge determined the allegations that Ariel was being physically and emotionally abused by her mother Crystal Workman were serious enough that the judge placed Ariel in a temporary guardianship with her older sister Shanelle Workman. Our sources tell us ... mama Crystal was ordered to stay 100 yards away from Ariel.

Ironically, we've learned Shanelle suffered the same alleged abuse as Ariel. Nearly two decades ago, the Department of Children and Family Services removed her from Crystal's home based on similar abuse allegations. Law enforcement sources tell us ... D.C.F.S. placed Shanelle in foster care for more than 2 years. She never went back to her mother.

According to court records, the judge has set another hearing for November 20.

Workman, who is 34, played Gaby in THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL and Sarah (aka Flash) in ONE LIFE TO LIVE. NASHVILLE's Hayden Panettiere played the role of Sarah Roberts before Workman.

David Hasselhoff & Wendy Williams Act Out A Steamy Soap Opera Scene!

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS alum David Hasselhoff was a guest on THE WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW this week and they two of them acted out a "steamy opera scene" scene. Watch his interview and the love scene below in which he says his name is "Dr. Snapper Foster":

Hasselhoff played Snapper on Y&R from 1975 to 1982 and returned in 2010.

Robin Strasser's Excellent Adventure!

Call Robin Strasser's Hotline at (212) 414-5300 for her uplifting new message about delivering coats today to people in the Rockaways impacted by Superstorm Sandy, returning home to vote!

MEDIA PROBES ("Soap Operas")!

In 1982 PBS aired an eight-part series, MEDIA PROBES, that examined the role and impact of mass communications. The series was designed in a slick magazine format that entertained and informed viewers about photography, soap operas, TV news, language, politics, design, sound and the future.

On April 28, 1982, ALL MY CHILDREN's Ruth Warrick hosted a look at the creative and productive processes of soap scenes and the unusual relationships that develop between viewers and their soaps.

The process begins in a barren rehearsal hal at 7 a.m. as ALL MY CHILDREN director Larry Auerbach leads Susan Lucci and Michael Minor through the scenes they'll be playing that day. Also examined are the unique relationship that exists between some 35 million viewers and their soaps. At a theme park in Memphis, documentary footage catches the passion when GENERAL HOSPITAL's Doug Sheehan plays a love scene with a fan. And soap writer Harding 'Pete' Lemay (ANOTHER WORLD, SEARCH FOR TOMORROW, GUIDING LIGHT) talks about the rigors of writing for the soaps.

Warrick notes that soaps are in the same tradition as the serial writing of Charles Dickens.

Soap World: Who Killed My Supercouple?!

We Love Soaps contributor and entertainment reporter Nelson Aspen was asked about the soap opera supercouple in the November 2012 issue of Australia's Soap World magazine. Below is an excerpt:

“A supercouple has to be a Romeo and Juliet who surmount outstanding odds to be together,” he says. “They can’t come together quickly or easily. Audiences have to invest in their eventual union and suffer along with them through various setbacks,” he says.

“Of course, the actors have to have chemistry with each other and the writers have to be able to capitalise on that. So many creative forces are at play, both controlled and uncontrolled, in creating a supercouple that it can’t just be manufactured. A lot of it is serendipity,”
he says.

30 Dynamic Duos of Daytime Soaps!

Here is the We Love Soaps 30 Dynamic Duos of Daytime complete list. Click the links to watch videos of the duos. Tell us your favorite Dynamic Duos in the Comments section below:

DUO: Jill Foster & Katherine Chancellor
Jill: Brenda Dickson, Bond Gideon, Deborah Adair, Melinda Fee (temp), Jess Walton
Kay: Jeanne Cooper, Gisele MacKenzie (temp), Michael Learned (temp)
YEARS: 1973-present
"The sexy siren stole the drunk matriarch’s husband, but even years after he died, Katherine and Jill remained the staunchest of daytime rivals. Over the decades though , the two developed subliminal great affection for one another." - Connie Passalacqua Hayman (Marlena De Lacroix)

"Bill Bell's original set up was so incredible that it yielded perhaps the greatest rivalry in television history between Jill and Kay, the 'tramp' and the 'battle-axe' (as they liked to call each other) who were always given a reason to be in conflict. The last ten years of rewritten history has been hard to stomach at times, but Walton and Cooper always made their scenes gold." - Roger Newcomb

"My pick for #1 super couple of all time." - Rob Wargo

DUO: Victoria Lord & Dorian Cramer
Viki: Erika Slezak, Christine Jones (temp), Judith Barcroft (temp)
Dorian: Nancy Pinkerton, Dixie Carter (temp), Claire Malis, Robin Strasser, Elaine Princi
YEARS: 1973–1987, 1989–2000, 2003–2011
"Over several decades, this duo always delivered incredible entertainment value with some absolutely brilliant performances from the actors, especially the team of Slezak and Strasser." - Roger Newcomb

"Picking between Kay/Jill and Viki/Dorian for #1 and #2 was rough. Both of these relationships have been a key part of the DNA of their shows. They’ve both had so many facets, twists and turns and they’re really the gold standards for dynamic duos. I personally love Viki/Dorian just a bit more but for sheer importance and storyline power, I’d pick Kay/Jill as #1." - Patrick Erwin

DUO: Cass Winthrop & Felicia Gallant
Cass: Stephen Schnetzer
Felicia: Linda Dano
YEARS: 1983-1989
"Cass and Felicia were lovers before they came to Bay City and picked up their relationship when Felicia arrived. But they quickly became lifelong best friends who shared many fun times, as well as devastating tragedies, over the years." - Roger Newcomb

DUO: Brooke English & Erica Kane
Brooke: Julia Barr
Erica: Susan Lucci
YEARS: 1976-2006, 2010, 2011
"A truly complex relationship between two very different women. These two women couldn’t be more different, and their rivalry was multi-faceted and fascinating." - Patrick Erwin

DUO: Stu Bergman & Joanne Gardner
Stu: Larry Haines
Jo: Mary Stuart
YEARS: 1951-1986
"Jo & Stu are far and away my favorite soap 'buddy' team because they did it FIRST and did it best! From the time Larry Haines joined the cast, approx 6 months into the show's run, the platonic chemistry between Jo and Stu was evident. No matter how busy either character was with their own personal dramas, they could count on the other for a shoulder to cry on...a pot of coffee to pour...or (with Larry's gift of comic timing) a laugh to share." - Nelson Aspen

DUO: Victor Newman & Jack Abbott
Victor: Eric Braeden
Jack: Terry Lester, Peter Bergman
YEARS: 1980-present
"What do you call these two? Frenemies? Rivals? Former in-laws? Regardless, Jack and Victor's rivalry has riveted viewers for more than 20 years, and their portrayers' (Braeden and Bergman) ownership of their characters' history is one of the reason why viewers still care!" - Jonathan Reiner

DUO: Stephanie Forrester & Brooke Logan
Stephanie: Susan Flannery
Brooke: Katherine Kelly Lang
YEARS: 1987-2012
"Stephanie and Brooke’s complicated relationship has been front and center on B&B for years. For most of those years, Stephanie has been in open battle with Brooke, though they occasionally call a truce." - Patrick Erwin

DUO: Phillip Spaulding & Frederick 'Rick' Bauer
Phillip: Jarrod Ross, Grant Aleksander, John Bolger
Rick: Robbie Berridge, Phil MacGregor, Michael O'Leary
YEARS: 1977-1991, 1995-2004, 2009
"They were Phillip and Freddie before they were Phillip and Rick but their friendship stood to test of time, and many complicated relationships, to form a bond that would last forever." - Roger Newcomb

DUO: John Dixon & Bob Hughes
John: Larry Bryggman
Bob: Don Hastings
YEARS: 1969-2004, 2010
"They fought for decades over women, their children and control of Memorial hospital. When Bryggman returned for the final three weeks of ATWT in 2010, he and Hastings picked up the rivalry as if John had never been gone." - Roger Newcomb

DUO: Tabitha Lenox & Timmy Lenox
RANK: 10
Tabitha: Juliet Mills
Timmy: Josh Ryan Evans
YEARS: 1999-2002
"Witches and talking dolls are usually featured in horror movies, but Tabitha and Timmy surprisingly supplied a lot of the heart that PASSIONS had." - Patrick Erwin

DUO: Lauren Fenmore & Sheila Carter
RANK: 11
Lauren: Tracey E. Bregman
Sheila: Kimberlin Brown, Michelle Stafford
YEARS: 1990-2007 (on both soaps)
"Definitely a duo and, thanks to Sheila, decidedly dastardly, their rivalry made soap history as it played out on two soaps for twenty years." - Patrick Erwin

DUO: Sonny Corinthos & Jason Morgan
RANK: 12
Sonny: Maurice Benard
Jason: Steve Burton
YEARS: 1993-2012
"One of Daytime's longest running bromances has confounded critics -- but delighted viewers (most of them, anyway...) -- for more than a decade. Seriously, these two dudes always had each other's backs, and their loyalty to each other was one of the only constants on GH during the 2000s." - Jonathan Reiner

DUO: Roger Coleridge & Delia Reid Ryan
RANK: 13
Roger: Ron Hale
Delia: Ilene Kristen, Robyn Millan, Randall Edwards, Robin Mattson
YEARS: 1975-1984, 1986-1989
"Delia had a love-hate relationship with Roger. They were two flawed human beings who were truly each other's soul mates. Hale and Kristen worked so well together throughout the years that I always hoped they would reunite on GENERAL HOSPITAL where he later played Mike." - Roger Newcomb

DUO: Keith Timmons & Gina DeMott
RANK: 14
Keith: Justin Deas, Robin Strand, John Novak
Gina: Robin Mattson
YEARS: 1986-1988, 1990-1991
"A perfect and hysterical pair of schemers, Keith and Gina eventually fell in love and got married, but a romantic happy ending wasn't meant to be. Timmons and Mattson were a well-matched acting team." - Roger Newcomb

DUO: Reva Shayne & Annie Dutton
RANK: 15
Reva: Kim Zimmer
Annie: Cynthia Watros, Signy Coleman
YEARS: 1995-1999, 2003
"Reva had a lot of captivating rivalries over the years (including the enigmatic Sonni) but her rivalry with nurse-turned-nutcase Annie kept us glued to our seats, as Annie schemed to keep 'Jarsh' away from Reva." - Patrick Erwin

DUO: Katie Peretti & Henry Coleman
RANK: 16
Katie: Terri Conn
Henry: Trent Dawson
YEARS: 1999-2010
"Yes, they were romantically linked for a time, but they are included on this list because much of their relationship was a platonic bond between two schemers, with Henry playing Addison DeWitt to Katie’s Eve Harrington." - Patrick Erwin

DUO: Luke Spencer & Robert Scorpio
RANK: 17
Luke: Anthony Geary
Robert: Tristan Rogers
YEARS: 1980-1984, 2006, 2008, 2012
"Through high adventure and their respective rocky romances, hero Luke and his spy pal Robert cooperated with and confided closely in one another. Day One was the start of a beautiful friendship." - Connie Passalacqua Hayman (Marlena De Lacroix)

DUO: Marley & Victoria Hudson
RANK: 18
Marley: Ellen Wheeler, Anne Heche, Jensen Buchanan
Vicky: Ellen Wheeler, Rhonda Lewin, Anne Heche, Jensen Buchanan, Cynthia Watros
YEARS: 1985-1986, 1987-1994, 1997-1999
"Wheeler and Heche were magic playing the identical twin sisters. Their complicated relationships with Jake McKinnon were fascinating to watch. In her final year as Vicky and Marley, Heche gave one of the best performances in soap history." - Roger Newcomb

DUO: Jesse Hubbard & Jenny Gardner
RANK: 19
Jesse: Darnell Williiams
Jenny: Kim Delaney
YEARS: 1981-1984, 1994 (as ghosts)
"The gold standard for platonic male/female friendships on soaps, and a step forward in that race played very little, if any, of a role in their friendship.Their support for each other was heartwarming." - Patrick Erwin

DUO: Ruby Wright & Lurlene Harper
RANK: 20
Ruby: Dianne Thompson Neil (now Alexandra Neil)
Lurlene: Tina Johnson
YEARS: 1981-1982
"The friendship of Ruby and Lurlene was one of the best things about TEXAS. They could be sweet and poignant but many times were just hilarious. It's a shame more people didn't get to see it." - Roger Newcomb

DUO: Drucilla Winters & Phyllis Summers
RANK: 21
Dru: Victoria Rowell
Phyllis: Michelle Stafford
YEARS: 1994-2000, 2002-2007
"Phyllis has gone head to head with Sharon and even with 'The Bug', but the rivalry she had with Drucilla was one where she was evenly matched. It was fascinating to watch them do battle." - Patrick Erwin

DUO: Vivian Alamain & Ivan Marais
RANK: 22
Vivian: Louise Sorel
Ivan: Ivan G’Vera
YEARS: 1992-2000, 2011
"From switching embryos to climbing the Eiffel Tower, Ivan was always the perfect sidekick for Vivian, and loyal to a fault. What an entertaining pair to watch." - Roger Newcomb

DUO: Schuyler Whitney & Gunther Wagner
RANK: 23
Sky: Larkin Malloy
Gunther: David Froman
YEARS: 1980-1984
"A sophisticated imposter and his bald, comedic chauffeur conspired to steal a dead man’s fortune, but in so doing stole the audience’s hearts through continuous laugher and real devotion to one another. Elementary, my dear Mr. Wagner." - Connie Passalacqua Hayman (Marlena De Lacroix)

DUO: Barnabas Collins & Julia Hoffman
RANK: 24
Barnabas: Jonathan Frid
Julia: Grayson Hall
YEARS: 1967-1971
"Barnabas was aware of Julia's romantic attraction to him. His own complex feelings for her would evolve over time, as he went from suspicious to having a strong loyalty and respect for her. Had the show continued, it was rumored Barnabas might have finally returned her feelings." - Roger Newcomb

DUO: Erica Kane & Opal Cortlandt
RANK: 25
Erica: Susan Lucci
Opal: Jill Larson (the role had previously been played by Dorothy Lyman)
YEARS: 1989-2011
"When Erica’s mother Mona died, daytime’s number one minx needed a talk to to help unravel all her romantic adventures. Underneath Opal’s daffiness lay a huge giving heart and great wiseness, with which she supported Erica through her endless love affairs and problems." - Connie Passalacqua Hayman (Marlena De Lacroix)

DUO: Vanessa (Van) & Margaret (Meg) Dale
RANK: 26
Van: Peggy McCay, Bonnie Bartlett, Audrey Peters
Meg: Jean McBride, Tudi Wiggins
YEARS: 1951-1958, 1974-1980
"[Meg] was made out to be a terrible lover, and person. And being perfect, as [Van] was, I forgave her and got on with it, no matter what. Actually as actors, I liked her (Jean McBride) and she liked me." - Peggy McCay (LOVE OF LIFE's original Van) in our recent interview.

DUO: Stephanie Forrester & Sally Spectra
RANK: 27
Stephanie: Susan Flannery
Sally: Darlene Conley
YEARS: 1989-2006
"Stephanie battled with Sally, but unlike her angry battles with Brooke, the Sally/Stephanie fights were a battle of wits and of cleverness, and both always relished the experience. Sally cutting Stephanie’s hair - drunkenly - was a classic moment." - Patrick Erwin

DUO: Kendall Hart & Greenlee Smythe
RANK: 28
Kendall: Alicia Minshew
Greenlee: Rebecca Budig
YEARS: 2002-2011
"Their friendship took a few serious hits, but these two always came back around to each other. Both characters were cautious around other women, but saw a kindred spirit - and a shared wardrobe - in the other." - Patrick Erwin

DUO: Scotty Baldwin & Heather Webber
RANK: 29
Scott: Kin Shriner
Heather: Robin Mattson
YEARS: 1980-1983
"Partners in crimes whose chemistry and real-life friendship translated to pure gold on screen. It would be great to see a reunion on the GH of today." - Roger Newcomb

DUO: Iris Wheeler & Vivien Gorrow
RANK: 30
Iris: Beverlee, McKinsey, Carmen Duncan
Vivien: Gretchen Oehler
YEARS: 1978-1981, 1988-1990
"Drawing room humor came to Bay City in a big way, thanks to the famously well-written scenes featuring Iris and her maid. They weren't exactly Thelma & Louise, but they did bring a unique dynamic to AW, and helped the viewer better understand -- and identify with -- Iris's internal struggle." - Jonathan Reiner

GENERAL HOSPITAL Thanksgiving Marathon On SOAPnet: Five Quartermaine Episodes (Quartermania)!

Spend Thanksgiving night with SOAPnet and the funniest family in Port Charles. A five-hour GENERAL HOSPITAL marathon celebrates the Quartermaines and all of their wacky, wild and beloved Thanksgiving traditions. The marathon starts at 7 p.m. ET/PT on Thursday, November 22.

Thanksgiving Day "Quartermania" episodes include:

7 p.m. - Episode #1995-8358 (original air date November 23, 1995) - Lucy is horrified to find her duck, Sigmund, Missing on Thanksgiving. The Quartermaines end up eating pizza.

8 p.m. - Episode #1997-8877B (original air date November 27, 1997) - On Thanksgiving, Jason saves the Quartermaines from being robbed by the pizza deliverymen.

9 p.m. - Episode #2001-9899B (original air date November 22, 2001) - Drama over Skye and Rea at the Quatermaines’ Thanksgiving table turns into a food fight.

10 p.m. - Episode #2009–11942 (original air date November 25, 2009) - The Quartermaines’ Thanksgiving becomes even wackier when Luke and the Spencers join them for the holiday.

11 p.m. - Episode #2011-12440 (original air date November 23, 2011) - There’s tension in the air when Sam and Jason spend Thanksgiving with the Quartermaines.

Former Daytime Stunt Adviser Rick Sordelet Back To The Stage!

Veteran director and fight choreographer Rick Sordelet spent 12 years as a stunt adviser for GUIDING LIGHT and another 18 months with ONE LIFE TO LIVE. He's in Kansas City at the moment working on Ken Ludwig’s murder-mystery farce “The Game’s Afoot.” He talked to The Kansas City Star this week about his daytime experience and the production process in recent years.

“Soap operas were a great training ground for so many of our young actors, and for many of them it was their first exposure to camera work,” Sordelet said. “These are folks who could put out 90 pages a day, which is unheard-of. They were basically doing what we call a play in one day. It was a great medium.”

One might think that soaps wouldn't need the services of a fight director too often, but Sordelet said he averaged about three stunts a week.

“Toward the end we would do parts of different episodes on the same day because we were trying to save money,” he said. “There were times where I would literally do stunts for six difference episodes on the same day. And that was fantastic.”

And, he added, there were times when he was called in to help stage the sex scenes.

“The actors could get really vigorous,” he said. “You know, you had to keep them from smashing their lips together or grabbing each other in an inappropriate way, and covering up so that we could stay compliant with the rules of television.”

Ian Buchanan To Co-Host Floridian Awards!

On December 1 TMG Entertainment will present the inaugural Floridian Awards with Ocean Drive Magazine as the presenting media sponsor taking place at the Chapman Conference Center in Miami. The ceremonies will be hosted by Ian Buchanan (Duke, GENERAL HOSPITAL) and Emmy Award-winning journalist Jennifer Valoppi.

The Awards ceremony recognizes excellence and exemplary achievement by individuals and companies throughout South Florida. Over 600 prominent Floridians will join to honor the nominees and winners in the Arts, Leisure, Hospitality, Sports, Entertainment, Retail, and Real Estate industries.

A Bushel For The Pecks!

Congratulations to AS THE WORLD TURNS' Terri Conn (Katie) and Austin Peck (Brad), who welcomed baby girl Keira Grace Peck into the world last night. Keira weighed 7 pounds, and the whole family is doing great!

Muhney's A Dad Again!!

Congratulations are in order Michael Muhney (Adam, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS), and also a cigar! He and wife Jaime welcomed little Truman into the world on Sunday, November 4! "'New baby' smell is about 1,000 times better than 'new car' smell," the actor tweeted. And judging from the pictures that the proud papa was posting on Twitter and Facebook (like the one you see here), Truman's siblings Dylan and Ella are just as excited to see the Muhney Family's new addition!


This week's Soap Opera Digest features an article about Carly having AJ arrested.

Carly is stunned after seeing AJ. The first thing she does is question her ex about where he’s been but AJ doesn’t supply her with any answers. Later, Carly senses a closeness coming between Michael and AJ, which angers her.

Carly is determined to keep AJ away from Michael and threatens to call the police but Michael tries to stop her. He pleas on AJ’s behalf, which means he is making progress with his son. Michael defending AJ makes Carly even angrier so she dials 911. Michael is heartbroken watching his father being arrested.

While in jail, A J gets a visit from Sonny, which is interesting to watch, notes Sean Kanan. AJ has a lot of hatred toward Sonny for making him sign away his parental rights.

After he is released. Tracy is not happy. She resents him because he’s a legitimate Quartermaine. He is the true heir to the Quartermaine fortune since Ned is an Ashton and Dillon is a Homsby. He is a threat and a formidable opponent.

Later Michael has a emotional encounter with Sam about his feelings over AJ. She understands Michael because she has a desire regarding her own bio-father. But She also reminds him that both Carly and Sonny love him, while AJ has not been such a great guy.


Paulo Benedeti returns briefly to B&B when Kristen’s husband Tony also shows up for a dying Stephanie’s celebration. This was kept on the hush hush, he only taped his scenes a couple of weeks ago and was asked not to say anything

He was shocked that they wrote him in, it has been 10 years since he last scripted. He thought his HIV status and treatment would be mentioned but says “you know how big parties and weddings are, everyone gets a line or two.” He still thinks it was a great they wrote him in. He and Melchior (Kristen) remained close throughout the years. He would welcome a chance to stay longer if an offer was made.


This week's Soap Opera Digest features an article about Marlena and Kristen.

Marlena arrives at the Horton cabin and sees John asleep next to Kristen. Kristen says she had no way of knowing John would be at the cabin.

When J&M are alone, Marlena tells John how she feels about Kristen. John thinks she's overreacting, especially since Kristen is so calm overall and Marlena is not. Later, Kristen sees Brady, who doesn't trust Kristen and is not happy to hear that she was at the cabin with John. Kristen tries to convince Brady that it was a coincidence.

Marlena interrupts a business meeting that Kristen is having with EJ to "blast her", and John has to pull Marlena away from Kristen. Kristen steps down as head of CW so that EJ can take over and become closer to Sami. Kristen goes to see John and she tells him, thinking Marlena will be more comfortable now that Kristen is not Sami's boss. John appreciates this, "and they accidentally touch".

Brady then replaces John on the church board so that Kristen won't have an opportunity to see him. Brady and Kristen have a fight about it and Kristen runs out of the church. A mugger assaults her, and when Brady rescues her, he is knocked unconscious. Kristen calls John and leaves a message, but Marlena sees the message from Kristen and erases it before John has even heard it...

GENERAL HOSPITAL Cliffhanger Friday!

GENERAL HOSPITAL has been at the top of its game lately and Friday was a prime example. What a great cliffhanger!

With a perfect use of flashbacks Robin figured out that Duke didn't know things the real Duke would have known. Once she tipped her hand to "Duke," he began removing a mask from his face revealing his true identity to her (not viewers).

The Week In The Year 2011!

After Steffy told Liam the truth about preventing Hope from seeing him in Aspen, Liam seemed to understand. Later, however, Liam told Katie that he didn't know what to do because he loved both Steffy and Hope. Katie warned Liam to get out of his marriage to Steffy before it was too late. Thomas and Hope spent a lot of time together kissing, and Thomas told everyone that he was romantically interested in Hope. Brooke was unhappy about the Thomas/Hope liaison, and Ridge discouraged Thomas from seeing Hope, but Steffy was elated. Steffy pushed Thomas to turn on the charm and take Hope's mind off Liam. After Liam had seen Thomas kiss Hope, he warned Hope not to jump into a rebound romance, and realized how hollow his words were. Hope chastised Liam and reminded him that they were not friends and never would be. Liam alluded to the fact that his marriage was a mistake, but their conversation was interrupted. Marcus and Dayzee bonded over Rosie. Dayzee said it felt like family. Amber discovered Rick's secret designs, left behind by mistake, at Dayzee's. Amber tweaked the designs, and showed them to Rick. She begged Rick to collaborate with her on his new line. They kissed, and Rick said the designs were exactly what he'd had in mind.

Maggie and Victor exchanged wedding vows, but a secret from Victor's past might threaten to ruin the new couple's happiness. Jennifer comforted Jack as he recalled the terror while he was held captive in Afghanistan. Jack admitted to Jennifer that he had survived the torture because all he'd thought about was getting back to his family. Abigail apologized to Jack, and he assured her that his family was his priority, and they reconciled. While out jogging, Brady and Daniel stopped by the Horton house and accidentally saw Jack and Jennifer in a passionate kiss. Jennifer told Hope that she realized how much she still loved Jack, but that she also had strong feelings for Daniel. Hope and Jennifer found a paperweight that seemed to connect Alice to the DiMera family. They also found a photograph of a baby that Jennifer thought looked familiar to her. Marlena hypnotized John to conclude that someone might have implanted false memories into his subconscious. Carrie and Rafe hoped that John's key witness would be proof enough to suggest reasonable doubt. Even a night of passion with E.J. wasn't enough to convince Nicole to give their marriage another chance. E.J. pleaded, but Nicole insisted that he sign their divorce papers. She told E.J. that though they connected on a sexual level, there was no real substance to their relationship. Brady teased Madison that they'd had too much to drink the night of the storm and had engaged in sex, but then explained to her that nothing had happened. Later, Madison challenged Brady to make peace with John and man up. Brady and John reconciled, and Marlena thanked Madison for her help in reuniting father and son at such a critical time in John's life. E.J. admitted to Stefano that he was the mastermind behind John's troubles, and that he would succeed in taking him down. Roman gathered the family together at the Brady Pub the morning of the trial to support John. Sami agreed to stand by John and attended with all of her children, who enjoyed visiting and playing with John. As John thanked Sami for her support, a sniper fired several bullets into the pub. In the confusion, Johnny went missing. Stefano and E.J. heard about the shooting at the pub on the news, and a horrified E.J. realized that his plan might have backfired.

Jason was horrified when he woke up in a room with a television monitor that showed Sam in the shower, while Franco closed in on her. Jason watched helplessly as Franco carried an unconscious Sam to the bedroom, and then stripped off his shirt, before draping it over the camera. A short time later, Franco released Jason. Jason raced to the bungalow where Sam slept soundly in the bed. Sam recalled snippets of what had happened, but she insisted that the man in the shower, and in the bed with her, had been Jason. Jason wanted to take Sam to the hospital to be examined, in case she had been raped, but Sam refused. Lisa Niles's body washed ashore. An autopsy revealed that Lisa had died from blunt force trauma to the head, not drowning. Mac was determined to find out who had killed Lisa. Lucky was stunned when he received a message, in the churchyard of St. Margaret's Chapel, from Jake, imploring Lucky to return home. Tracy told Luke that Aiden was Lucky's son. Elizabeth was tormented with hallucinations that Jake needed her, so Jason went to her hospital room to comfort her. Maggie, the new head of the pediatrics wing, arrived at the hospital to start work. Olivia decided to take a pregnancy test after Lulu suggested that Olivia's dizzy spells might be a result of pregnancy. Lulu remained reluctant to announce her engagement to Dante, so Olivia advised Lulu to be honest with herself, and with Dante, if Lulu wasn't ready to get married. Shawn opened up to Carly about his childhood, when he had watched his father gunned down.

Téa revealed to her brother that she was pregnant with Victor's baby. Tomas teamed up with Calmar to investigate Victor's murder. Todd tried to implicate Baker as the killer, but Calmar explained that Baker had been in custody at the time of Victor's death. Calmar revealed to Tomas that the man in Todd's office had been Louie. Todd confessed that he had killed Victor, but he couldn't remember the details. Louie suspected that Todd suffered from posttraumatic stress, because of what Irene had done to Todd, so Louie decided to keep Todd's secret, and turn over the gun to Todd. David Vickers returned to Llanview, at Dorian's bidding, to make certain that Blair stayed away from Todd. David encouraged Blair to stick with Tomas. Blair decided to pursue a relationship with Tomas after a bitter argument with Todd. Blair and Tomas made love. David noticed the sparks between Viki and Clint. David promised to have Clint sent to a Moroccan jail if Clint hurt Viki. Jack decided to burn down the Sun to stop Todd from using the paper to get away with murder. Jack was stunned when Neela mentioned that Rama had gone to meet Vimal at the Sun, so he returned to the newspaper to save Neela's family. Jessica blurted out that John might be Liam's father, but Natalie didn't believe her sister when Jessica failed to provide proof of her claims. Clint was overjoyed when Dorian gave him a special dispensation, so that he could attend Natalie's wedding. John decided to take a job in Seattle to be closer to his family, and to get over Natalie. Ford advised Jessica that John deserved to know about Liam.

Phyllis was arrested for stealing the photographs. Adam went to work for Newman Enterprises, much to Victoria's displeasure. Angelo demanded that Devon make sure Angelina won a singing competition. Angelina wanted to date Kevin. Christine, Nina, and Chance confronted Ronan about his actions after the liver transplant. Nick refused to explain the recording from Diane's murder to Ronan. Tucker and Ashley sent out wedding invitations. Neil asked Sofia to stay with him through the holidays. With her bandages removed, Myrna was revealed to be Patty Williams. Phyllis discovered that Avery and Nick had made love. Angelo informed Gloria that he was her new partner. Victoria confided in Victor that Adam had bought their charade. Christine recalled that Ricky's mother was a homicidal maniac. Paul admitted he didn't know Ricky very well. Phyllis and Nick agreed to just be friends. Chloe celebrated that Delia was in remission. Victor confronted Billy about not leaving town. Cane went to Myanmar to find Chelsea and clear Billy's name. Daniel learned that Avery was his aunt. Phyllis and Ronan bonded over having screwed up family issues, then they made love. Avery was intent on getting Daisy reunited with Lucy. Jill and Victoria went to Myanmar to find Billy. Chance received new orders.


Monday ("Explanation")
Marlena is angry when John stands up for Kristen; Abigail confides in Gabi about her virginity.

Tuesday ("Charges")
Jennifer tells Daniel that she is dropping charges against Nicole; Will hopes that Sonny will forgive his actions.

Wednesday ("EJ's Invitation")
Stefano is elated after his conversation with EJ; Nicole runs into Eric at the pub.(

Thursday ("Eric's Declaration")
Nicole is stunned by Eric's announcement; Brady is upset when John defends Kristen's actions.

Friday ("The Mysterious Muggers")
Brady gets hurt while trying to protect Kristen; EJ believes he is one step closer to winning Sami back.

Nov 12th
A stunned Carly confronts AJ
Michael makes an earnest appeal
Patrick remains bothered by the phone call
Sabrina frets about Patrick's psyche
Sabrina talks to Patrick about the Nurses’ Ball…
They share a close moment & Britt witnesses it
Jealous Britt questions Elizabeth about Robin…
As Elizabeth gives details, she gets an idea of how to fund the Nurses’ Ball
Robin makes a horrifying discovery
More Duke secrets are revealed (one at a time)
Sam demands that Anna explain what she’s been doing to find Jason

Nov 13th
Carly tears into AJ condemning him for manipulating Michael & has him arrested (may happen earlier)
Carly tells Sonny she was right about AJ being alive
Michael visits AJ in jail & argues with Dante & Anna
Sonny races to the PCPD to confront AJ
For organizing AJ's arrest, Monica rages at Carly
Tracy escapes …then targets Monica & Alice

Nov 14th
Lante try to find a way to collect $ for a surrogate
Spin helps Maxie & Ellie move
Lante advise Maxie to tell Spin that she wants Spixie reunited
Britt makes sure Sabrina knows that she & Patrick are going to spend a night at The MC
Elizabeth & Sabrina ask Tracy to bankroll the Nurses’ Ball
Carly is surprised seeing Monica & Alice taken to the PCPD (for battery)
Sonny & AJ face off

Nov 15th
Sabrina eavesdrops on Patrick & Britt
Robert visits Anna adding that Luke sent him
Duke returns to PC
Olivia observes something odd with Duke
Steve is uneasy hearing that AJ is back
Dante tells Sonny about Lante’s baby efforts

Nov 16th
Maxie declares her love to Spin
Sabrina is horrified after Patrick overhears her talking about her doctor crush
Duke & Anna muse & kiss
Anna may discover something big
Robert & Lulu meet with StOlivia
Elizabeth & Robert ascertain info
Sam tries to bolster Michael saying CarSon luvs him…
Then AJ bursts in
Tracy does NOT like hearing that AJ is out on bail

11/12, Loved ones celebrate Stephanie's life; Eric surprises Stephanie with a musical guest.

11/13, Stephanie is happy to see all her friends and family together; Brooke gets disturbing news.

11/14, Stephanie and Eric take a trip; Taylor unintentionally encourages Katie.

11/15, Rick opens up to Hope; Caroline rejects Thomas' advances; Taylor counsels Bill about his marriage.

11/16, Brooke scolds Taylor about her accusation; Kate comes out of hiding.

11/12, Adam seeks Chelsea's forgiveness; Ronan and Phyllis have an unpleasant evening.

11/13, Nick and Phyllis go to court; Jill reunites with Lily and Cane.

11/14, Lauren and Michael do not approve of Fen and Summer's relationship; Jack struggles with addiction.

11/15, Victoria realizes that Billy's past has put her in danger; Tucker and Jill are surprised by Katherine's reaction.

11/16, Christine and Paul celebrate fortunate news; Noah is confused by an unexpected delivery.

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hollywoodhits 10th-Nov-2012 02:37 am (UTC)
they werent in any scenes this week...

also: i was so disappointed when they both took of their shirts. i thought it was like, a requirement for soap stars to have hot bods
isntdaveone 10th-Nov-2012 02:40 am (UTC)
Sonny is growing boobies and is getting a double-chin it looks like.

hollywoodhits 10th-Nov-2012 02:41 am (UTC)
which is disappointing because i remember him from 90210...
spoondamnit 10th-Nov-2012 02:44 am (UTC)
Are you ghey, because this is what all the gheys are saying, lulz. That's been the concern for awhile. Freddie's got a little going on in the underarm back fat region too. He's still divine though. He's on Twitter now taking and answering questions.
isntdaveone 10th-Nov-2012 03:01 am (UTC)
i'm gonna send him a tweet to never be shirtless.
spoondamnit 10th-Nov-2012 02:46 am (UTC)
Will and Sonny were on today.
isntdaveone 10th-Nov-2012 03:01 am (UTC)
it seems like they only use them on fridays now!
spoondamnit 10th-Nov-2012 03:25 am (UTC)
Here's the days he's own. Freddie wrote this and posted it on Twitter, which btw, he'll be on tomorrow and Sunday.

He was just on On Air With Douglas:

isntdaveone 10th-Nov-2012 03:29 am (UTC)
his handwriting is too cute.
spoondamnit 10th-Nov-2012 03:31 am (UTC)
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