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Republican Joe Scarborough and Democrat Mika Brzezinski visit The View
cricketgrl wrote in ohnotheydidnt


Oh Joe, you're still clueless as ever. I don't know why MSNBC keeps you and Michael Steele around

i don't watch fox news... is she usually that sassy

i think this was once in a blue moon. She probably didn't say it intentionally trololol

lmao not really. It wasn't intentional but Rove was close to having a stroke and the rest of Fox was all "wtf"

It's more like...if Megyn Kelly is calling you out, you know you ain't right.

She did once epically sass someone for saying women shouldn't have maternity leaves.

idk she's probably at Fox for the money.

She called out Rove again yesterday with a whole "The democrats won, Karl! That's all the matters" thing. lol

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, I remember that too.

She's still a fox personality at the end of the day. Hypocrite is her middle name.

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