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Rihanna Wants Madonna - Madonna's Butt
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Rihanna has revealed that she still regards Madonna as 'the queen' of music.
The Bajan star admitted that she looked up to the iconic performer when she was growing up and that she would love to collaborate with her in the future.
'You know, Madonna is one of those artists who was very self-expressive, she was bold, she was fearless, and all of those were things I looked up to as a young woman,' Rihanna said during an interview on Facebook Live.
'I really just wanted to be myself and feel free to express it and not really be afraid of what people think about it. Madonna's still the s**t, and she'll always be Madonna. She's the queen.'
Asked by Bravo's Andy Cohen if she would like to work with Madonna, Rihanna replied: 'That would be so sick. I would love to. Who knows? Let's put it in the air.'

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Madonna said she would take her trousers off fully at the Pittsburgh show if Barack Obama was elected to a second term in office - and she kept her promise as these photos prove.

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