You're not really a rare snowflake; lots of people don't care. I don't care either, although I can understand why people do get into it.

What I can't understand is people who get so into it that it has a really profound effect on their lives when their team loses. Like, I knew a guy who literally had to call in to work the day after his football team lost a big game because he was so upset. That, I just don't think is normal or healthy. I'm not one of those "omg sports are sooooooo silly and I'm so above it" people. I don't get into them myself, but I understand the sort of evolutionary itch sports can scratch, and how it gets all tangled up with family and nostalgia and bonding and hometown pride. But at the end of the day, it's a bunch of millionaires you've never met (and who are playing for your team simply because your team offered them more money than other teams did) trying to beat a bunch of other millionaires you've never met. At a game. Perspective, seriously. It should be fun, not something that actually causes you significant pain.