Space Milkshake
Yay. BaTB actually went up after that 2 week slide. Its getting better after the horrid pilot but I thought last week's episode was better with Murifield tracking Cat down than this week's which was standard case and Cat's party.
But its stablizing so hopefully it gets a full season pickup.
Vincent's blackout at the end hopefully means they go beastmode like the spoilers said for the next 3 eps. Be interesting to see how they integrate Bridget Regan into the future episodes too. And I need to find a gif of K's fake surprise look at the party lol

Still need to see League, Parks and Red and Sunny from last night. Anyone peep them?

Elementary was solid again with another procedural. I thought Irene shoutout was a bit fanwanky and too soon. I was like Joan and Holmes cases so far this early in.

Im still a little disappointed in how Last Resort has turned out. Its very straight laced but its good to see it go up in the ratings.