Kotaku, Sexist Male Gamers, Grand Theft Auto and the Idea of a Female Protagonist: A Hot Damn Mess

Upon the release of Game Informer's digital December issue, it was learned that there would be three main characters that players can switch between.  As in all the previous games, all three characters are men--Michael, a retired bank robber; Trevor, a career criminal and addict; and Franklin, a  young hustler--so naturally, one might ask, "Shouldn't GTA, by now, have a female character?""

Someone did, and it was a hot mess.

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Sadly, the people who were supportive of the idea were in the minority.  

Kotaku Article

Fuck this series.  Saints Row is the shit.   

Dad mods Wind Waker to make Link a girl (by changing pronouns within game) for his daughter.  Kotaku commenters call dad close minded/sexist/etc.