Ariel Winter's Mother Claims She Blocked Statutory Rape; E Publishes "Who's-Who" Guide

Ariel Winter's Mother: I Didn't Abuse My Daughter, I Blocked Statutory Rape

"Modern Family" star Ariel Winter's mother insists she did NOT abuse her daughter -- claiming 14-year-old Ariel is making up stories ... because her mother wouldn't let her engage in a sexual act with her 18-year-old boyfriend.

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Inside Modern Family Star Ariel Winter's Family Drama: A Who's-Who Guide

There's nothing funny about Modern Family funnygal Ariel Winter's family travails.

The 14-year-old has been removed from her mother's care following allegations in court documents of physical and emotional abuse, and now the star's adult sister is seeking permanent guardianship over her sibling.

Police have confirmed to E! News that an active investigation is under way but declined to provide additional details. E! News has also learned that the detective handling the case is with the special victims bureau.

Herewith, a guide to the key players in Ariel's family drama.
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