Mellie really isn't ready for the big leagues. No one is going to fall for her upset face and ridiculous threats. The way Cyrus just shut her ass down was hilarious.

"If your water breaks, change your pants and cross your legs." I love his ass.

Mellie really does whine alot. The only she looks fierce is because she usually goes against Fitz and he normally backs down.

Olivia is just a bad ass bitch. But she has been getting played lately. The Governor played that whole thing beautifully. Although, I wonder if he wanted her to find the pics because otherwise why would he have kept those around.

Huck is creppy as hell. I love him, but that whole spying thing was nagl.

Abby/David are heading for a fall or a pair of scissors. I'm not sure.

I kinda missed Fitz. My poor dopey dog.