Grey's Anatomy » Christina Yang

Meredith and Christina have always been the most important aspect of the show for me, so this episode was like a dream come true. I was hesitant when Shondra Rhimes initially promised us a Meredith/Christina-centric episode but I think it delivered on its promise.

That said, I was extremely heartbroken by Dr. Thomas' death. My dad and I had just discussed that he would likely have to die in order to compel Christina to return to Seattle Grace, but we expected it in a few episodes, certainly not in tonight's episode. The manner of death was devastating and I thought the voice over was extremely powerful. I absolutely lost it in the final scene when Christina appeared on Meredith's doorstep. The show wasn't the same with the two characters separated and although I hate the manner in which it happened because I had such a soft spot for Christina and Dr. Thomas' relationship, I can't help but be happy Christina is back where she belongs.

I have to add that as someone who watched and loved Friday Night Lights, I don't think I'll ever be able to view Gaius Charles as anyone other than Smash Williams. Every time he's on the screen I'm taken out of the moment and thinking 'How did Smash ever graduate from medical school?'

Also, I adore Tina Majorino and am pleased she has been getting so much work lately. Hopefully they'll develop her character on Grey's more in the future. I'm excited that she'll be working under Christina.