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9:02PM EST November 8. 2012 - "The results are in!" said Mario Lopez.

Co-host Khloe Kardashian Odom was right by his side for Thursday's first X Factor elimination show. "Please don't let me cry tonight when we send someone home!" she tweeted just before going on the air.

But before we got to any results, the squealing started early and quickly as the crowd went crazy, crazy, crazy for teen heartthrob band One Direction —- who were contestants on the X Factor U.K. when Simon Cowell signed them and launched them to stardom. The guys took the stage to sing Live While We're Young as red and white balls bounced around them.
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Cece Frey was horrid. The song choice was really, really, really bad. Her outfit/styling was really, really bad. THE WHOLE THING, JUST BAD. I don't know why they thought the end was so great, she was searching for the right key and the right notes the whole song, YA NEVER FOUND EM GURL!

So. much. truth. in this comment.

I completely agree. She's a fucking wreck.

Demi really needs to work on her team. and this is clearly a plot to make people vote more

lol since they're doing this ranking-strategy thing now - it would be hilarious if they made it like Survivor with immunities and shit

that's what I thought was going to happen. like top vote getter gets immunity from next week

also as much as I like one direction, I live with a 13 & a 11 year old and they keep comparing them to the backstreet boys

one had the audacity to ask if bsb ever had a number one selling cd. and then they go "well that was in the ninnnnneties" like I'm ancient

Lol @ kids these days since BSB is of the top selling acts of all time. That being said, I'm sure my friends and I were obnoxious when we were little about BSB being better than NKOTB who were so ~ancient~.

here for carly and jennel <3

I'm so so sad that Jason got eliminated. It should have been Arin or Beatrice, maybe even Paige. L.A. really didn't pick the best songs for him

lbr there's not much to grab

lol i'm going to need some proof

lol where did normani go

i think that's her in the back left lol

what are all their names i only know lauren bc she's the best singer

Ugh I'm so annoyed that Demi completely took ALL her contestants in the wrong direction because the girls category was so strong this year. They all have potential and Demi just sucks as a mentor. She's a great judge, but a shitty mentor.

srsly and then she gets pissed at simon for pointing it out

Jennel should be higher.

I demand a photo with One Direction and Fifth Harmony together.

And wtf @ that list. Tate fucking Stevens? Even thought he is a country artist that is so hard to believe lbr.

I need a pic of my Queen and 1D

Pressed as fuck Republicans would place the boring white guy in the number one spot and send the gay guy home. Tate whateverhisname is can't sing. Like, he has a four note range. If someone like him can make it far in XFactor then I demand they bring back Panda.

I love Britney to death and I've tried very hard to watch this shit but I just don't find it possible to care. Especially once David was gone. Fuck that.

Good let Arin go next week, the tears will be glorious.

i'm still mad at tate and vino being in the top 3. at least tate seems like a super nice guy, vino scares the shit out of me.

at least my queens placed in the top 5

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