avengers - natasha using shield
They really are too happy. Well, except for that whole thing with the President wanting to shut Division down and all... but no one knows about that but Ryan.

IKR? IKR? My Sean/Alex feels will be out of control for ep 11 tbh. GIVE IT TO ME NOWWWWWW. Ugh, my only friend who watches the show hates Sean and wants him to die (!) and he loves Alex so I fire lamely back that I hope Alex dies (of course I don't!) and he just laughs. FUCK HIM, SEAN MUST BE SEXY ON MY SCREEN FOR THE REST OF NIKITA'S RUN.

Ikwym about wanting the good stuff now, but also not wanting the show to be over. But hey, if we can keep the same ratings that got the third season I don't know why we can't get a fourth.