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And I'm sick and tired of conservatives labeling Obama's push for universal healthcare as "socialist." Healthcare should be a God given right for everyone regardless of race, age, sex, financial background, sexual orientation and so on. It's so fucking ridiculous how a person can be pushed into bankruptcy because they cannot afford to pay their thousands of dollars in medical bills. Canadian healthcare (my dad's got dual citizenship) is the reason why my dad is still alive today. He had to skip all the way to the top of the waiting list because his heart was literally failing on him and luckily there was a donor heart that matched up with him not too long after.

Granted there was luck in the process, but even if he didn't receive it we'd be racked with medical bills we couldn't pay back (unless we used his life insurance) from all the hospital visits, testing and the pacemaker he installed that kept him alive while he was waiting.

So you're probably a selfish asshole if you don't believe that everyone should contribute to a system where everyone gets medical care without worrying about debt. You're selfish if you think your money and everyone else's money shouldn't help you, your family, and others around this country. Furthermore, it's also why people avoid going to hospitals for things like an annual checkup until it's to late and assure themselves that they're fine and whatever symptoms they have will go away when they really aren't, because they can't afford it.