Sorry, I used he instead of names. I meant SAM didnt find Dean during that year when he got out of the box. I mean, he found him, but he didn't bother him.

But WHAT could he have done? Im sure he had feelers out (though...didnt have his cell on). Figured Dean would find him if he came out of wherever he disappeared to. Put yourself in Sam's position. What would you do. You dont know if he's in hell, heaven, across the country, dead for real, in some magical land, in a purgatory you weren't sure existed before that point.

Sam said this episode that it had been a few months, did he not? So it was months between when Dean disappeared and when Sam hooked up with the vet. Who knows what he did in that time. And since I hate Sam flashbacks, I dont really care to find out.

Honestly, if I were them, and it had been 8 years of disappearing and reappearing... I probably wouldnt have done anything either. When has the boys looking for one another actually helped the other? Sam didnt get Dean out of Hell and vice versa.