Dang, Lisa playing hard. I like it, but I hate that she went for Malcolm (which was smart, but he's the only eye-candy so I like, need him in order to watch this show).
I really want a Malcolm/Denise/Lisa F3, but don't see that happening.

I originally wanted Denise to win it all but she's not getting the best edit....

I hate Abi. Pete- what an idiot- "I looked into Malcolm's soul and knew he was telling the truth" (tell me I misheard that, lol). Artis and Carter are are useless. Skupin is such a fail. Penner annoys me, mostly because he's a two-time loser and I hate returning players, but I'm glad he won tonight, 'cause this was one of the best TC ever!!!

And yay for everyone being morons and not voting Malcolm, who didn't even use his HII, haha. At least he'll last another week.