Hmm. I'm conflicted on the use of Lori as the 'backbone' for this argument. She was an awful character who made stupid choices a lot. I do think some of the hate that came her way may have been rooted in the fact that she was a woman and was framed in a 'whore' light (even tho as noted its not like she cheated. Rick was dead, as far as she knew. Nothing wrong with getting down with a good looking dude if you ain't attached.) but on the other hand she was written so badly that I can't see how anyone could have liked her.

Then again I hate almost everyone on Walking Dead.

Now Skylar on the other hand! I don't get the hate; she is a flawless woman deal with a husband who is clearly evil, conniving, and willing to sell out anyone and everyone to get what he wants and hold on to his power. People who hate her...I just don't get it. I've seen her refered to as a nagging bitch and it blows my mind. It's not like her husband IS SELLING METH or STAYING OUT ALL NIGHT or CONSTANTLY IN DANGER or anything. Clearly she's just a nag trying to hold Walter down.