3:34 pm - 11/07/2012

Stacey Dash's Epic 1,344 Word Rant About Election Depression

Stacey Dash is really bummed out that Mitt Romney is NOT the next President of These United States ... and we know she's bummed out because she sent us a 1,344 word essay about it.

In her statement, Dash touches on sleeping, hanging chads, her baby, her DNA, Osama Bin Laden ... and she also refers to herself in the 3rd person.

"People get it wrong. My vote for Romney isn’t a vote against Obama. That’s not how full
participants in the democratic process operate. We vote for candidates and we vote for

"I also don’t understand why more people aren’t acknowledging the good that has come ab
thanks to Romney’s Massachusetts medical coverage for all citizens. In addition, Romney’s
business acumen is sterling. Our country needs a savvy business manager with the ability to
work on both sides of the aisle. Paul Ryan is another brilliant mind with a viable plan for the
economy of this country. They’ve injected so much energy into the race. We need that ambition
and focus to get our country back on its feet."

As we previously reported, Dash took a whole lotta heat for being one of the only black people in Hollywood to not support Barack Obama.

But at the end of her paper, Dash does say, "I am hopeful that President Obama will lead us to becoming the great United States of America that thrives."
Stacey Dash everyone ... she was in "Clueless" once.

Transcript of the document

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