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brenden wrote in ohnotheydidnt

For Tuesday, November 6, 2012:

Election Roundup

Just a little tidbit of ONTD information from yesterday...during the Election Free For Alls there were approximately 138 comments per minute, or 2.3 comments per second. Thanks for hanging out with us and discussing the 2012 Election!

He's ridiculous. I posted a photo of my cat and captioned it "My name is Penelope Cat and I voted for Purrack Obameow" (I'm a genius tbh), and his wife was like THIS IS NOT A JOKE, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED, A LOT OF PEOPLE IN YOUR STATE (I live in Florida) DEPEND ON MEDICAID, ONE DAY YOU WILL LEARN, etc. etc. On the photo of my cat. I deleted it. Da fuqqqq.

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