So I'm on campus from 6 am until 7 pm today because I wouldn't have a ride otherwise. My class doesn't begin until 2 pm. I snuck into a classroom to sleep then this nerd comes in and turns on all the lights. Then I moved into another room before I got paranoid and left. I'm trying to make the best of it and planning on watching all the shows and movies I've missed... but 1channel is down. My life has taken such a weird, sad turn.

I'm celebrating my President on the inside but I'm hungry and tired and watching horrible hulu shows. I'm so jealous of those guys who can sleep spread eagle on the indoor benches without worrying whether or not they're going to get fondled. I want to take a break from college and find a job elsewhere. Flight attendant? Cruise ship? I'm just giving up right now. I don't even know what's holding me upright anymore.

upside, my first time on time for a roundup.