Tom Felton in new ASOS, Corduroy magazine photo shoots; talks "Belle", Harry Potter

Tom Felton participated in two new photo shoots, with ASOS and Corduroy magazines, which were both published and released recently.

Tom chatted with ASOS about his current project, the period piece Belle, as well as visiting Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter with a friend, and how much portraying Draco Malfoy in the series changed his life for the better. Highlights of the interview, specifically on new information regarding Belle, and previews from his photo shoot, can be found here.

Tom Felton on playing a villain in Belle:
"I’m not a very villainous chap at heart," he says, with a grin. "So I do revel in it. I almost put on the friendliness a bit more when we’re off camera, so when you do go into a scene, hopefully you wake people up."

"I was really nervous going into this," he says of his role in Therese, pulling on the sleeves of his grey sweatshirt. "There are only four main actors in the film, and to be one of them… I had to make sure I was up to their standards. For a while, I feared having been cast just because of what I’d done previously. But from doing other films since [Harry Potter], I feel confident in my ability to do this, which at some point, maybe I didn’t."

Tom's photo shoot for the tenth issue of Corduroy magazine, for which he was also interviewed, can be seen here.

Finally, as Tom makes his way to Australia, he spoke to local paper The Chronicle on returning to attend fan convention Supanova with Harry Potter costars Alfie Enoch and Chris Rankin, and a few updates regarding his (lack of) activity on J.K. Rowling's Pottermore.
On portraying Draco: "I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss him. It was a great ability to vent all the frustration and anger of day to day life through him. He was very good fun and it got more interesting as the years got on, which was nice.

"(at the end of the series) there was an inkling of hope for him, a lot of it is left unsaid which is one of the beauties of the book. It is kind of left up to the audiences interpretation. It was nice to see some good side of him at least."

On his roles outside of Harry Potter: "Right now I am working on an English period drama called Belle," he said.

"A lot of the things I have been working on the release dates are a bit up in the air for next year, so lots of things to look forward to including a film called Therese and mini TV series Labyrinth.

"The one I am playing now is not such a nice guy. But I won't lie, I do enjoy playing people that aren't so friendly or nice.

"But I actually have some other chances to play other things as well, one quite heroic and one very sickly meek child type role, so very different and very contrasting and I am hoping that broadens my horizons."

On Pottermore: "We signed up ages ago when they first set up the website but I haven't been sorted yet," [Tom Felton] laughed. "I am still awaiting my destiny. I don't think I could face it if it was anything but Slytherin to be honest with you."