Obama 2012: Celebs React

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Do you think Hollywood had something to say about that, all the while the Romney campaign refusing to concede Ohio and its 18 electoral votes?

Within seconds of the race being called for Obama by most major news networks (including Fox News, though some of its own pundits resisted), the celebrity corner of the Twitterverse was on fire with reactions. Here's a mere sampling:

Diane Sawyer's election coverage had Twitter all, er, abuzz

Alec Baldwin: "Fox News is hurting the Republican Party....."

Dianna Agron: Congratulations, Mr. President, our president.

Donald TrumpOur nation is a once great nation divided!...The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy...Hopefully the House of Representatives can hold our country together for four more years...stay strong and never give up!

Kimora Lee Simmons#4MoreYears! Congratulations Mr President Sir.->

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: Celebrating #equality with@TieTheKnotOrg!

Stars mock losing Senate candidates Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock

Jose CansecoWhat is there to celebrate. United states is a mess and no clown is qualified to get us back on track. All candidates are a joke

Ronan Farrow: Fox News hastily packing up their vast smugness reserves for another four years.

Rob Thomas: Everyone just keep hateful comments to yourself. If romney had won, I would have congratulated him as well and still said we need to move on

Shonda Rhimes: FOX news is amazing. Like they live in a magic land far far away from reality. You can not stop watching!

John Cusack: Real pressure from left will move the center back from far right --dem victory was less an endorsement of O but a repeal of far right

Olivia Wilde: AMERICA! You have spoken! Women! You have been heard! Young people! You proved them wrong! Tireless Obama volunteers! I THANK YOU!

Simon PeggToday's Sesame Street is brought to you by the number 2 and the phrase 'f--k you'.

Demi Lovato: YAYYY!!! �� Proud to be an American!!! Woo hoo!!!!!

MC Hammer: America is making a huge statement !!! Humanity is primary.The people need access to medical care and we Appreciate and Respect Women !!!

Aubrey O'Day: Right????!!! God I admire her @maddow! #truth "@cmore2g: I'm LOVING how aggressive her tone is getting hehe"

2012 Pop-culture election: All the results!

Aziz Ansari: Karl Rove bout to give a Suge Knight style BEAT DOWN to the dude who was supposed to rig the machines.

Aisha Tyler: Tonight America smells like cookies and freedom, my friends. Cookies and freedom.#forward

Sandra Bernhard: "its been so hard on the children"#annromney imagine how it is tonight.

will.i.am: All that travel, hard work and campaigning was worth it...and now its time to work even harder...

See stars playing president

Bill Maher: Tea Party has now cost the Republicans 5 senate seats. My next donation is going to them.

Lea Michele: Amazing election party tonight at@MrRPMurphy's house! And so glad we got to celebrate the re-election of OBAMA!!!#GObama

Melissa George: In Australia, just heard the great news about our president Obama ! You deserve to re-elected...you had me at hello...

Ashlee Simpson: Speech! Speech! #democracy

Eva Longoria: haha! @DesWanderer Big Bird is smiling


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