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Christopher Maloney News Roundup!

Christopher Maloney has admitted to voting for himself a few times on The X Factor, prompting reports that staff are annoyed with him for being 'against the spirit of the show'.

All contestants are thought to be ringing their own voting number a few times, but The Mirror today claims that Maloney really goes to town with helping himself stay in the competition.

"I've voted for myself a few times," he said. "So has everyone else – I doubt my calls have made much of a difference...If I had more credit on my phone I’d vote more."

However, an insider on the show tells the tabloid: "'You can’t outlaw this sort of behaviour but it leaves a very sour taste. It’s against the spirit of the show."

A production team member is also quoted as saying: "I've seen him dialling and redialling his own number over and over again. It's sad really but he wants it that much he's spending a fortune."

Kye Sones, eliminated on Sunday, has been vocal about not being pals with the 39-year-old wildcard.

He said: "All of us have got really close and then you’ve got Chris. We’ve been a really strong group and he’s been an outsider — and that’s nothing to do with any of us lot.

"He’s very tactical. There are two different people — one when cameras are there and one when they’re not there."

Christopher Maloney has insisted that Louis Walsh has been a little unfair on him during this year’s X Factor series.

The Liverpudlian hopeful is the last remaining over in Gary Barlow’s category but has had quite the uphill struggle over the past five weeks.

Louis accused him of being a diva, Tulisa and Nicole Scherzinger agreed, MK1 said he kicks off a lot backstage and most recently, his former roommate Kye Sones says that he sets himself apart from his fellow contestants.

On top of all that the panel have repeatedly called him cheesy and dated and we can see why Chris is starting to struggle.

He admitted today that while he does take the judges feedback on board, he thinks Walsh has gone too far at times and explained:

“I appreciate the Judges’ feedback. I do take their advice on-board. Although, I think Louis’ comments have been below the belt at times.”

“I don’t get why he called me a ‘diva.’ I reckon he was lost for words when he was asked that question on Xtra Factor by a caller. He plucked my name from thin air!”

The former call centre worker defended himself, saying that he doesn’t have ‘airs and graces’ and he says the judges have got it all wrong.

Chris revealed:

“If I was a diva, I wouldn’t cook and clean for me Nan like I do. I don’t have any airs or graces. I don’t take a second of what’s happening to me for granted. I’m grateful for every second and opportunity that comes me way.”

But it’s not just Louis that the 34 year old has a problem with. He thinks that Xtra Factor presenter Caroline Flack has issues with him too and in a game of snog, marry, avoid he said:

“I’d snog Tulisa, marry Nicole and avoid Caroline Flack. I’d swerve Caroline as I don’t think she likes me very much. She takes the mickey out of me all the time on The Xtra Factor!”

The Take That singer mentors the Over 28s category on the show and now has just one act remaining after Carolynne Poole, Melanie Masson and now Kye were all voted off.

And although a certain degree of loyalty is no doubt expected from the mentors, Gary has revealed he is shocked Maloney is still in the running to win the show, especially over last night's eliminated act Kye.

'I am surprised he’s still here but he is and he’s doing what he does,' Gary revealed on the Xtra Factor.

Gary explained part of his surprise is because he has now lost all three of the acts he chose at the judges houses stage whereas Maloney was a wildcard brought back by the public in the first week of the live shows.

The 41-year-old continued: 'I am [surprised] because obviously the three acts I picked from judges houses have all gone home. Chris is the wildcard, he's been brought back by the public.'

While Kye found himself in the bottom two twice in five weeks, Christopher is yet to be in a results show sing-off.

And it has even been claimed that the 34-year-old former cruise ship singer has polled more votes than his rivals, as well as scoring an impressive 25% of the votes share for the first two weeks of the show.

When asked why he thinks Kye left the competition, Gary added: 'It's a hard one. You put your trust into these people, you hope that people will connect with them and for some reason we’ve just not found the connection with Kye.

'I don’t know what it is. We have worked hard and tried everything. I thought that the uptempo stuff as the key for him so I don’t know.'

Gary Barlow is fuming after learning that X Factor mogul Simon Cowell has declared war on him by secretly campaigning to “get Chris Maloney out”.

Now Barlow views Cowell’s phone calls and texts to rival judges urging them to criticise his act at every opportunity as the “final straw” in their crumbling ­relationship.

The new row ignited after X Factor sources revealed Chris, 34, “topped the vote” for the first two weeks of the live performances.

Cowell is said to believe the Liverpudlian’s ­presence makes the show dated and cheesy.

He is said to have urged judges Louis Walsh, Nicole Scherzinger and Tulisa Contostavlos to criticise him to make sure he is kicked out sooner rather than later.

A source said: “Chris winning or even getting further into the competition is a disaster for Cowell

“He wants Chris out and the fact that his mentor is Gary Barlow makes him even more desperate to get him kicked off.”

The source added that if Barlow, who has already lost two of his acts, is left with no one half-way through the competition that “would make things even sweeter for Cowell because they are at war”.

Recently eliminated X Factor contestant Kye Sones has slammed former rival Christopher Maloney, calling the singer an 'outsider' among the contenders and revealing he has no idea who is voting for Maloney.

Kye, who left the show last weekend, took the oppportunity to slam Christopher and definitely didn't hold back with his comments.

Speaking to The Sun, Kye admitted that he thinks Christopher is completely fake and a different person when the cameras are on him. Christopher has been accused of this before, with a source saying previously that his fellow contestants believe that Christopher's nerves are 'over the top' and 'fake'.

But Kye was a lot more specific, saying, "All of us have got really close and then you've got Chris. We've been a really strong group and he's been an outsider - and that's nothing to do with any of us lot.

"He's very tactical. There are two different people - one when cameras are there and one when they're not there. Everyone is the same person off and on camera, apart from Chris - and that's why it's frustrating for all the contestants."

When asked how Christopher managed to stay out of the bottom two, Kye responded, "God knows. He must have an expensive phone bill!"

Kye had previously been asked by Yahoo why he thought Chris was still in the competition, and was even more forthright with his answer as he said, "F**k knows is my answer to that!"

He finished by adding, "I think Chris is the only person in the Overs that is a stereotypical Overs category contestant. This year I wanted to change the perception of the Overs and make it credible and cool and I think that's what Gary wanted as well.

"But it's not obviously working because people expect the Overs to sing old tunes and sing them in an old crooner way and it seems that this is why Chris is still there."


Not even Wednesday and he's already being dragged by the press....
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is this post a real thing
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LOL He sounds two-faced tbh. I avoid people like that like the plague.
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chris and gary deserve each other
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what an irrelevant post.
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That comment was more directed at you calling my post irrelevant Brian. I'm sure that man in the picture and gif is a respectable member of society.

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I love him so much. Great taste, bb.
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Still so glad that Kye is gone. JFC I hated his ass.
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who the fuck is voting for him?

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so qt <3
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i hope Jaymi looks at Baloney and realizes that he's staring right into his future
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pls no, he will never be that gay
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If it's the guy on the left that you're talking about, then he already looks like a lesbian.

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And he fucked the both of them shortly before this pic was taken.
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they just mad he is ahead of the game keep hating
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the most shocking part of this post is that something worthwhile has finally left Kye's mouth
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'There are two different people - one when cameras are there and one when they're not there'

knew it, he's such a fake

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ugh why is this post about this dork and not this hawt piece of the sex:

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Nobody likes ugly
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You could tell by Kye exit interview on xtra factor that he hated Chris .. also don't the contestants get a hefty allowance while on the show ? I remember JLS saying the saved enough of their food/clothing allowance to pay off student loans
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well damn, he must have all of the time in the world to be able to vote for himself and ensure that he sticks around
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I believe what Kye said.

He creeps me out, he appears so disingenuous on the Xtra Factor with the other contestants. It's as if they recoil from him.

And I don't blame them.
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What a fucking creepy face that man has... Something doesn't seem right about him
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