Renowned artist James Franco being weird and sexy

The award winning artist shows off his latest stunning masterpiece.

Oz The Great and Powerful babe James Franco has posted photos of his bizarre artwork on celebrity blog WhoSay.

The photos show what appears to be a multi-coloured paint explosion all over Franco’s bed, body, and various other props including a massive stuffed bear.

The inclusion of Franco’s semi-clad belly and feet ever so slightly in frame is probably the most exciting element of the photographs, but fans of Franco will also be delighted by his face and chest selfies included in the package.

The Wall Street Journal has previously referred to Franco’s art as a “sort of creative schizophrenia” and after seeing these weird photos, we are inclined to agree.

Franco held an exhibition with similar works in 2010 called ‘The Dangerous Book Four Boys’ incorporating sculpture, photography, drawing, film and video; all around the themes of boyhood and teenage sexual awakening.

What do you think of Franco’s art?

Source S2 S3