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Actual Disney prince Tom Hiddleston talks about acting 'normal'
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Playing ‘normal’ was War Horse actor Tom Hiddleston's biggest challenge

After a year playing a vampire, a Shakespearean king and a supervillain, War Horse star Tom Hiddleston relished his new “incredibly normal” role.
The star of Thor and the BBC’s Henry V has just finished shooting a cameo role in the as-yet unnamed new film by Joanna Hogg.

The London director gave Hiddleston his first big-screen break in low-budget drama Unrelated, which scooped her the most promising newcomer Evening Standard British Film award in 2009.
They made Archipelago together, a tale of middle-class family angst, and when Hogg embarked on her third movie Hiddleston came to Kensington, where it is set, from a volcano in Iceland, where he played villainous Norse god Loki in the third Thor film adventure, The Dark World.
“My film career started with her,” he said. “I wanted to be part of the third.” It stars one-time Turner Prize nominee Liam Gillick and Viv Albertine, formerly of punk band The Slits, in the tale of a middle-aged couple considering leaving the city.
London-born Hiddleston, who played a vampire in Only Lovers Left Alive this summer, said: “I play someone incredibly normal. There’s a time in every Londoner’s life when you feel Soho, or the parks, or a certain social life, belongs to you, then it is taken over by the generation behind you. In the film, I’m part of the generation behind.”


I hate how everything I read about Only Lovers Left Alive is either people feeling superior about having known the director before he cast Tom and how all the Tom fans will hate the film because it's deep. Or they're gushing about Tom being a vampire and making crappy manips. OR they they're talking about how they hate Twilight which is not related to anything.

I probably won't like the movie but I don't like deep movies in general. Probably because I don't get them but I freely admit to that. I have accepted that.

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