A somber edition of "Adults Who Don't Understand Social Networking"

When a celebrity is known for seeking out charitable opportunities via Twitter, it makes sense that a hospital like SMM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center in St. Louis would take to Twitter in a bid for that star's attention.

Things get sad and awkward, however, when the hospital in question misreads a major fan account as an actual agent of the celebrity's team and takes their Retweet as a promise for a visit. That's what seems to have happened in the case of this St. Louis hospital and Justin Bieber, who was in St. Louis Oct 27th for a concert.

Rose Fogarty of the Children's Foundation associated with the hospital says they'd received a call from a national organization scouting children's facilities in the area for Bieber's manager, and Cardinal Glennon immediately assumed they'd be the ones to get the visit. Says Fogarty, "We assumed that would be ours because we were the only ones with a video out there.”

Per local news station KPLR 11, That video was made by thirteen year old Lauren Lee, a Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor. She made the video begging the “Biebs” to come to hang out at the hospital when he was in town for his concert. The hospital was ready, the kids were ready, but the Biebs was nowhere to be found.

Fogarty is certain Justin must have been aware of their expectations, because she and several Twitter-using patients had been tweeting him nonstop about the event up until the moment his concert began.

"We got a couple of re-tweets from his agent and I am 100 percent certain he saw the video.”

The "agent" in question, unfortunately, seems to have been local account BieberTeamSTL, a fan with no official connection to Bieber or his management.

Sadly, Fogarty and the rest of Cardinal Glennon's staff were so certain their tweets and Lauren Lee's Youtube video would attract Bieber to their hospital that they'd already informed the patients of his pending visit and arranged a charity auction: Play It Forward, a St. Louis organization that gives musical instruments to needy children, had even donated guitars and drumsticks for him to sign and use in an auction for the hospital.

Bieber didn't wind up noticing or visiting Cardinal Glennon while in St. Louis; he left for Dallas the next morning, where he did spend time meeting with Make-A-Wish children at a hospital there.

This is really shitty and depressing ngl, I hope Scooter Braun or someone else on his team sees what happened and arranges something for these kids, who shouldn't have to suffer just because hospital staff don't understand social media. :(

ETA: Fogarty has now locked her Twitter account, but have this comment from her criticizing Bieber for getting a tattoo when he could've been scrolling Twitter looking for charity opportunities: "We don’t know what day or time of day he got it. But we know he had time to get a tattoo and that’s all I’ll say about that.”

ETA THE SECOND: The news station Fogarty made her accusatory comments to has pulled its story. Looks like my post is sourceless now, oooop :(

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