Zayn and his gf get a new puppy, PICS

Perrie Edwards might have been off touring Australia with Little Mix, but she's got a pretty awesome surprise waiting for her when she gets home. We don't just mean having the arms of One Direction boyfriend Zayn Malik to run into either as they'll also be a brand new puppy waiting to welcome her home.

zayn pup

It sounds like Zayn is looking forward to having Perrie back on British soil and it looks like he's been sending her some snaps of the brand new bundle of fur that's arrived since she'd been away.

Tweeting the snap, Perrie said: "New puppy :) what shall we call him."

Now that all sounds fairly innocent to us, but was followed by another tweet, saying: "Z+P."

While this could equally stand for "Zookeeper's Porridge", we're guessing it stands for "Zayn + Perrie", especially after the Bradford Bad Boy retweeted the pics - one of which has his tattooed arm casually bundling up the puppy.

It sounds like their canine pal might have got himself a name already though, with Pezza adding: "How about naming him Hatchi?!" [sic]

zayn pup 2

We're not sure how much more of this cuteness we can take - but who do you think is going to be having the pup to live with them? Do you think Zerrie could be moving in together?

oh @ this. who's gonna watch the puppy in 2013?